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Rev Up Your Ramp Up: Making Employee Onboarding More Efficient

Across industries, one of the hardest parts of hiring new employees is getting them trained and up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. Some employers stress on-the-job training while others have full-on classroom instruction before employees begin any projects. With the many methods and techniques available, the question becomes: What works best?

Marie Szuts, Vice-President of People and Culture at Inkling, will be leading our next webinar on this very topic. Join us on Wednesday, May 4th, to dive into the details of how to make your new-hire training as efficient as possible.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll discuss in the webinar to help you improve your employee onboarding today.

  1. Building an Effective Classroom-Experience Training Program

Whether you’re using classroom training already or not, now is the time to review (or create) your curriculum. The biggest problem with classroom training is retention rate: According to the sales performance international white paper “The Future of Sales Training,” new employees forget 84% of training information within 90 days. So how might you overcome the problem of employee knowledge retention? We have a few ideas…

  1. Enacting Positive Reinforcement

Memorization is an inflexible way to learn that will only prove fruitful when employees encounter the exact scenarios they see during training. Instead, after training, use consistent positive reinforcement of the most important process points.

  1. Making Content Memorable and Referenceable

One of the most effective ways to have employees remember and reuse the information you provide them is to make the content superb. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Of course, we know it’s much harder to implement quality content in practice. But there are some hard-and-fast rules for making sure your information is catchy and memorable. We’ll go over each of these rules in detail during the webinar.

This preview demonstrates just a few of the ways to decrease the ramp-up time for new employees and increase the ROI of training in your business. Join us for the webinar to get all the tips and insights for improving your employee onboarding.

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