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Comcast Empowers Employees at Lightning Speed

Imagine onboarding and training 90,000 employees. That number is staggering, even if you happen to be a little global telecommunications company called Comcast that runs its own university and employs 300-400 trainers.

Funny enough, the biggest challenge Comcast faced may sound familiar to companies of all sizes: they still utilized printed binders and relied on desktop computers for access to onboarding and training materials.

Not surprisingly, high printing and shipping costs abounded, as did the constant threat of outdated information being utilized in the field. Employees were frustrated by their lack of access to the information needed to do their job, especially since they carried iPhones and iPads for work.

Comcast’s Learning & Development team recognized that it was time for an upgrade. As a digital service provider, the answer seemed obvious: go digital with employee learning.

To accomplish that goal, Comcast partnered with Inkling to provide a smart content system that empowers employees to:

  • Access digital content at any time, online and offline, on any device
  • Utilize the most up-to-date training and reference materials
  • Interact with dynamic content such as videos, images, checklists, and other tools designed to make learning memorable and on-the-job questions easy to answer

Comcast now benefits from measurable data about content usage, effectiveness, and employee engagement. In addition, they are saving an average of $2 million per year on printing and shipping materials alone.

And that’s just the beginning. Comcast can now support self-paced learning, which means upcoming savings on classroom instruction, as well as reaping the benefits of putting knowledge directly in the hands of all employees at all times.

Curious to learn more? Read about Comcast’s adoption of Inkling and discover how easy it is to bring scalability, speed-to-market, and digital insights to your learning and development team.

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