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A Nightmare on eLM Street:
Five ways to wake up from your new hire training nightmare

The nightmare is real. Everywhere you turn, you see a tight labor market and competition for frontline staff. Employees are scrambling away, screaming in horror at antiquated training as they beg and plead for mobile. Scrrrreeeeeech. It’s like fingernails ripping across your bottom line, shredding all hope for a successful year.

One, two, Turnover’s coming for you… three, four, better give ‘em more… five, six, figure out a fix… seven, eight, no time to wait… nine, ten, gotta hire again!

This nightmare on eLM (eLearning Management) Street has gone on long enough. Isn’t it time to wake up and face your ghastly enemy? We’ve developed a five-step strategy to help you confront the forces plaguing your organization so you can build the workforce of your dreams and rid yourself of these night terrors.

Step One: Know your boogeyman.

While the competitive labor market continues to factor into the hiring nightmare, the real monster in the house is hiding in your training modules. Whenever traditional eLearning courses and management tactics are used, you are not matching the needs of today’s modern learners. The results? Low retention rates, disgruntled employees, and poor customer experiences.

Step Two: Recognize the impact of modern technology.

Consumer and employee expectations and behaviors have evolved in the last five years. As smartphones reach ubiquitous levels, everything is now on-demand. And we do mean everything. In the same way consumers demand that information and services be immediately accessible and easily consumed, modern employees expect quick and intuitive learning tools while on the job.

Step Three: Embrace the new learning environment.

Employee training is no longer about “learning management” but rather “performance enablement.” Your customer-facing staff should be equipped with the exact tools they need to make every customer interaction a positive experience. To achieve that goal, the learner experience must be built with the modern, mobile employee in mind who can easily reference training materials at any time, from any device.

Step Four: Provide the right tools for success.

To keep your workforce engaged and aid learning retention, give them bite-sized, interactive, and on-demand learning on mobile. Digital and dynamic content allows employees to quickly grasp concepts and always feel confident performing their job. When an easily searchable reference library is a click away, the onboarding process is expedited and strong job performances are enabled in those moments of need.

Step Five: Combine learning and doing.

To optimize the learner experience, you must bring together learning and doing. Training is most successful when it’s combined with action and execution. Frontline employees perform better when they can learn from their managers and peers while receiving quick results and immediate feedback. As an added bonus, the coupling of learning and doing yields stronger retention rates and more consistent execution of corporate initiatives.

At a time when customer experiences can make or break a customer’s loyalty to a brand, it’s more important than ever to empower your frontline with the learning tools they want and need to be effective in this fast-paced digital world. A modern learner experience makes it’s easier to retain employees, engage them in learning and execution, and rid yourself of those turnover nightmares once and for all.

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