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Inkling for Educators: A Textbook Approach

Textbooks, in many ways, shape how your students learn. Inkling was founded on the premise that if we can make textbooks better – more engaging, and more effective – we can actually improve learning outcomes for students. We work with publishers and authors directly to carefully rebuild their content to take full advantage of the learning potential of iOS devices and the web. Our top features include:

• Fully modular material
• Lifetime access to the content with no expiration or rentals
• Integrated and interactive multimedia
• Shared notes that connect students, educators, and learners everywhere
• Assessment–rich content, structured for student success
• Web content URLs for easy integration with LMSs and PPT presentations

With Inkling textbooks, students and faculty have the flexibility to access engaging content when and where they need it, on any device Inkling supports. We're currently partnered with universities worldwide to support their unique digital initiatives.

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Faculty Toolkit

  • Demo: Inkling for Web
    Inkling is just as useful on the computer via the web as it is on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. See a demo!
  • Getting Started
    Ready to dive into your account? See a helpful guide to all of Inkling's features on our Getting Started page.
  • Support for your school
    Need help? Visit our knowledge base for helpful instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Inkling's March 2012 Medical Webinar: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis discusses the changing environment of medical school and how to utilize medical textbooks on Inkling for your program. Plus, see a demo of Inkling for iPad and a preview of Inkling for Web.
  • Inkling's March 2012 Advanced Placement Webinar: Video
    Matt MacInnis, the founder and CEO of Inkling, presents on the future of textbooks in your classroom. MacInnis shares several popular AP titles on the Inkling platform and leadd a discussion about facilitating better student engagement with the Inkling Smartbook version of your textbooks.
  • Inkling's February 2012 MBA Webinar: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis discusses the use of digital textbooks in the MBA curriculum, demoing Inkling for iPad and showing a sneak peek of Inkling for Web.
  • Inkling’s November 2011 The Future of Textbooks Webinar: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis demos Inkling and discusses the brave new world of digital textbooks with guest speakers who use Inkling at their schools.
  • Inkling’s November 2011 Medical Webinar: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis demos Inkling and discusses the brave new world of digital textbooks with faculty who use Inkling at their medical schools.
  • Inkling for Medical Schools: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis discusses the growing demand for better technology in the medical classroom and how Inkling’s titles fit in.
  • Inkling for Business Schools: Video
    CEO Matt MacInnis speaks about the use of technology in MBA curriculums and Inkling’s role in bringing MBA titles to life.

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