Create collaboratively with Inkling Habitat.

Inkling Habitat is a cloud-based authoring environment where your team can collaborate to create inspiring, interactive content for all devices.

Inkling Habitat

Professionally designed content, built by you.


Interactivity: Smart drag-and-drop widgets add interactivity, including videos, slideshows, and quizzes

Cross-device Preview

Cross-device preview: Instant previews with responsive layout ensure your content will shine on any device

Media Hosting

Media hosting: Easy media uploads thanks to our high-performing cloud-hosted media service

Project Templates

Project templates: Choose from a set of templates that can be customized to reflect your brand

Easy import and export.

.txt, .doc, .epub, .edf, .indd

Save time and money with collaborative workflows.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools: Make comments, assign tasks to collaborators, set permissions, and seamlessly track progress

Version Control

Version control: Edit easily, track changes between versions, and roll back to any previous version

Single Source of Truth

Single source of truth: Everyone collaborates on a single, definitive version in the cloud, and nothing is lost—ever

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage: Never worry about file size or storage

Scalable. Future-proof. Intuitive.


Reliable, high-performance
software in the cloud

Future Proof

Structured content
with open-standards HTML5


intuitive user interface

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