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Easy for everyone in your workflow.

Inkling Habitat is the first and only professional publishing environment that enables non-technical users to create structured XML/HTML content at enterprise scale. Create mobile-ready, future-proof, standards-compliant content (e.g., HTML5, CSS3, EPUB3) with the ease of creating a Word document.

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Quickly collaborate across teams.

Inkling Habitat is designed for a collaborative workflow, allowing all users to simultaneously edit the same version of the content. Tag colleagues and vendor partners with “tickets” to assign tasks, eliminating email communications and attachments, and making your workflow management for all projects more efficient.


Integrate with existing systems.

Integrating with other key enterprise systems is a key component of every major Inkling deployment. Across our customer base, Inkling is integrated with Alfresco and other CMSs, as well as a number of proprietary metadata management systems, a wide range of user identity systems, and a variety of Learning Management Systems.


Scaleable infrastructure.

The Inkling platform is robust, responsive, and scalable, built to meet the needs of today’s content producers. Inkling’s capabilities have been proven across live, global implementations with the world’s largest learning companies. Even with 20,000 active users, 60,000 projects, and terabytes of data, Inkling provides fantastic platform performance and impeccable reliability.


Customize your Inkling environment with ease.

Each of our publishing partners utilize a custom-configured version of Inkling, complete with proprietary learning object structure support, markup and metadata standards compliance, and alignment to the publishers’ parallel print-digital production workflow.

Proven expertise in instructional and digital design.

Inkling offers an in-house team of HTML and CSS experts with more than 25 years of combined experience in developing digital publishing products. We’ve consulted with publishers to deliver thousands of finished products to market on time and in scope.

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