Interactive Documents

Engage employees with job aids, SOPs, and training.

Companies suffer the consequences of brand inconsistency, potential compliance issues, and poor customer service when workers use outdated operational information or struggle to find the content they need to answer customer questions.

By providing digitized content on mobile, Inkling ensures that the most up-to-date information reaches employees, even when they are offline. Content renders correctly on every screen size, and interactive videos and how to’s bring procedures to life. Push notifications and data tracking provide complete visibility into field awareness and consumption of content.

As a bonus, front-line employees and managers can easily send feedback from the field. Crowdsourcing permits the sharing of best practices and tribal knowledge across the organization, which makes everyone more productive and engaged in the company’s success.

Collaborative Authoring

Dynamic Content

  • Easy content creation, distribution, and editing
  • Rich media and learning tools
  • Powerful search across all operational content

Mobile Benefits

  • Push notifications
  • Responsive design
  • Persistent access, even offline

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