Intuitive, Engaging Checklists Integrated with Training & Knowledge Content

Give your people clear, up-to-date knowledge & training about day-to-day tasks and on-the-job expectations, while gaining more visibility and insights into operations.

Improve Operational Effectiveness with Checklists
Empower field employees to execute flawlessly with repeatable operational checklists embedded with relevant knowledge and training to ensure the job gets done right every shift, all day, every day.
Drive better learning retention & engagement with task based training on the job
Up your micro-learning game with task based learning. Help your employees stay on top of their game with small, task based learning moments to reinforce what they have already learned or to keep their skills sharp.
Gain Insights and Drive Improvements with Surveys
Connect with your learners and understand their needs better by providing learning surveys to gain insights into what is most useful for your employees. Automated data collection and real-time reporting provides instant access to accurate, up-to-date insights that drive the business forward.

User-Friendly, Drag and Drop Tools

Create and embed checklists, surveys and micro-learning right into Inkdocs and learning paths. Templates and intuitive drag and drop widgets makes it easy to create high-impact, engaging checklists and surveys in minutes. Quickly include images, videos, signatures, and so much more.

Workflows & Branching

Drive simple checklist workflows for approvals or alternate completions by other workers and provide branching logic based on training completion and answers.

Bite Sized, Task Based Micro-Learning

Deliver bite sized micro learning, learning reinforcement, and daily learning lessons in minutes to drive higher learning retention and improve employee performance.

Checklists Embedded with Training & Knowledge

Success on the job lives at the intersection of operations and training. With Inkling, training & knowledge can be accessed directly from operational checklists or checklists can be embedded in the context of a broader training course or quick reference learning.

Flexible Learning Surveys

Boost learning engagement and gather feedback on training content effectiveness with learning surveys. Survey insights help you assess the value of your training programs.

Automated Data Collection

Automatically gather feedback, survey results, checklist data, and other important information that you would never be able to see with paper forms and checklists or separate task management tools.

Actionable Operational Analytics

Convert real-time form responses into custom reports and presentations - and share them in seconds. See results by form, checklist or survey, by location, by region or across the entire organization. Analyze your data to uncover new business insights and drive more informed decisions.