Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018

Inkling Webinar Series

Curious how McDonald’s is saving $30 million annually in employee labor costs? Want to replicate Taco Bell’s LTO strategy that includes new menu items every 4-6 weeks? Our thought leadership webinar series will answer these questions and more.

Watch these three on-demand webinars today to explore the trends, challenges, and technology solutions shaping the restaurant industry.


Learn more about each session:

State of the Restaurant Industry
Join Inkling founder Matt MacInnis as he lays the foundation of the series with data on how quick-service, fast-casual, and casual dining restaurants fared in 2017.
Restaurant Trends & Challenges in 2018
Basia Solek, Product Marketing Manager, dives in to the trends, such as off-premise dining, that are challenging brands and impacting outcomes this year.
Technology That Drives Execution
Learn how adoption of a workforce enablement solution saves time and money while increasing CSAT scores with Product Manager Sharmila Ghosh.

Register for the series:

  • eBook: How to Guarantee Flawless Execution for Successful LTOs

    Take your LTO strategy to the next level. Learn three tips to overcome the operational pain points and successfully deliver an LTO.

  • Interactive Product Tour: New Menu Items & Project Rollouts

    Take a 2 minute self-guided tour of the Inkling platform for new project rollouts. See how easy it is to launch new initiatives with Inkling.

  • Customer Story: McDonald's

    Hiring 1 million employees each year is no easy feat. Read how McDonald's uses Inkling to streamline training and onboarding, reducing labor costs by over $30 million a year.

  • Customer Story: Taco Bell

    Taco Bell spices up learning by using mobile-ready job aids to launch new menu items every 6 weeks, experiencing a 5% increase in CSAT.

  • Infoguide: 3 Strategies to Boost L&D for Restaurant Leaders

    Explore how restaurant leaders can leverage the latest trends in L&D to optimize training for the modern workforce.

  • Datasheet: Inkling for LTOs

    By providing a single version of LTO training on mobile, employees are empowered to deliver new menu items quickly and competently. Read our datasheet to learn more.