Better healthcare and more meaningful work are supported and promoted when you provide real-time training and knowledge.

Process & Policy Reinforcement

When someone’s life is on the line, it’s critical that everyone in your system knows their job, as well as hospital policies and processes. From knowledge of systems and processes for admissions, to proper processes for keeping your supply chain humming to clinical expertise on codes, equipment and care, everyone needs to be trained and knowledgeable to ensure the best patient experience. Learn more about Inkling Knowledge & Training.

Onboarding & Ramping

Whether you’re onboarding new nurses, technicians, central supply or facilities workers, you need the right balance between structured learning and quick-reference microlearning to develop employees into experts on your unique operations. Learn more about Inkling for Onboarding & Ramping.

Clinical Inservice Training

Physicians and especially, nurses and technicians are on the front lines of your hospital interacting with patients and families to give the best care possible. In order to have the best success on the job, your clinical teams need to have continuous training and inservice sessions on the latest policies, processes, procedures and equipment to keep their edge. Learn more about Inkling Mobile.

Supply Chain, Facilities & Admin Training

Often a lot of emphasis is put on ongoing training and education for clinical staff, and rightly so, but many other functions are critical to running a hospital system. The right training and knowledge for your central supply team, facilities and maintenance crews and administrative staff is also mission critical to operational efficiency and a great patient experience. Learn more about Inkling for New Product & Initiative Launch.

A digital experience platform for better training, knowledge & success on the job.

Easy, intuitive, collaborative content authoring tools enable the delivery of engaging, real-time learning in the flow of work—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Training can be delivered in structured learning paths and then easily accessed later by browsing or powerful search. With deep and insightful analytics, learning results are tied directly to business outcomes.

In most large hospital systems, there is a need for centralized design and control over content standards with the collaboration and flexibility to let training teams at each location and subject matter experts create training content tailored to their unique needs. Inkling provides that integrated content authoring capability with centralized templates and widgets, while still enabling great collaboration with decentralized teams to create modern, engaging training content.
Inkling enables role based training, so that workers only have access to the most relevant training and knowledge content they need to do their jobs. Training can be created and delivered based on location, department role and many other characteristics. It can also be delivered in structured learning paths or delivered in un structured micro/reference learning content that can be easily searched so that learners can find what they need, learn it and apply it immediately to their job.
Inkling is unique because training teams can create modern, engaging digital content that is designed to be consumed at the nurses station, through workstations on wheels or on mobile devices. Content uses video, timelines, interactive graphics, 3-D models and many other types of modern content. The same content can be used in an initial structured learning course and then easily searched and accessed weeks after the training for a quick refresher.


Discover how interactive and intuitive training engages employees, improves time to retention, and delivers real business impact.