Top Trends for Learning Development in 2020 As digital native generations come to dominate the workforce, companies need to adapt the way they design jobs and evolve their companies. That starts with adapting the way their teams learn. say improving learning and development is a critical initiative The global market for L&D is expected to reach The corporate training market is over These trends show what will fuel growth in 2020 and beyond. 1. Capabilities rise over skills Skills learning Capabilities learning Requires the learning team to develop tenuous correlation between learning completions, assessment scores, learning retention and job performance Taught from a traditional learning management system (LMS) and assessed using tests Enables the participant to learn in real time on the job and immediately apply what they learn Developed through short, structured learning courses and on-demand micro-learning accessible on any device 2. Content is still king, but focus is key There are often 20+ different learning-related solutions in use at a single organization. 2 Learning and operations teams form critical partnerships as companies pull mission-critical content out of their LMS and into systems that help run the business. Companies also seek new and better learning platforms to serve as a hub for all types of content. 3. User experience will take center stage Companies are shifting from integrated talent management to learning solutions that work Learners will curate their own content on learning platforms Employees want to learn at work in the same way they do in their personal life “Googlefication” The desire to quickly search a topic, immediately find relevant content and put it to use in their work 4. Learning fits in the flow of work Modern learning platforms will enable employees to learn in the flow of work rather than during time specifically set aside. Employees want to get work done and do it correctly. 57% of employees expect just-in-time learning to ensure they’re proficient in their jobs. 3 5. Operational learning will emerge Corporate learning Part of HR Focuses on hard and soft skills, policies, and ethics Operational learning Mission-critical content Focuses on product features, maintenance, ecosystem training and standard operating procedures To meet the need for increased role-based knowledge, companies will improve access to operational learning and align it with their L&D organization. Over 50% of operational learning content currently lives in recorded webinars, conference calls or microlearning 4 More holistic training for people and customers will unlock valuable competitive intelligence to support company goals. - Top Learning & Development in 2020 Trends for
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