Onboarding Training

Onboard for longevity.

Interactive onboarding training for the win

With a 5% turnover rate every month in retail and restaurants, a foolproof system is needed to ensure that new employees get up to speed quickly and represent your business and brand to the best of their abilities.

Let’s face it: outdated DVDs and paper binders don’t cut it these days, especially with a young workforce. Whether in shoulder-to-shoulder training or referencing information after the fact, workers need bite-sized and on-demand content that is interactive (flashcards, images, videos, and quizzes). Onboarding becomes more engaging and interactive, which creates excitement and starts careers off right.

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Training catered to your audience

What’s the best way to make sure your newbies find the information needed to perform their new jobs? Provide the content in the same place they find stuff in their everyday lives: on their mobile phone.

Regardless of age, it’s safe to assume workers have mobile phones and use them to manage personal tasks. We live in an always-on society where everyone uses apps to discover answers. Why should work be any different?

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Measure for success

Everyone knows why onboarding new employees is important—to ensure quality customer service, maintenance of your brand, and compliance with regulatory and safety standards— but how do you measure if your onboarding is successful?

With quizzes and assessments built into the content, metrics tell you exactly how well your new workers are comprehending and engaging with the product, policy, and procedural information. Refinement to onboarding processes are easier when you have knowledge about what’s working and what could use improvement.

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