Recipes and Food Preparation

Do employees struggle to keep track of fluctuating recipes and ingredients?

Peace of mind

With a growing awareness around food intolerances and allergies, today’s restaurants and food establishments are often asked about their exact ingredient lists. Servers and staff need to be educated on all dishes and potential allergies, which can be challenging to share if menus frequently change or include daily specials.

With a mobile solution, food workers have access to the exact ingredients and health information about each menu item—regardless of whether it’s a staple item, a special, or a replacement dish. Any customer inquiry can be answered without hesitation, which instills confidence in your diners.

Sharing is caring

At many food establishments, index cards or printed recipes are posted on a board or attached to a spinning wheelie. If recipes are proprietary to the business and a cornerstone of its success, that information may be locked up in a safe. In all cases, the knowledge is often only accessible in person and can be challenging to update when new ingredients are introduced.

Digital menus and recipes provide seamless access for all employees—cooks, prep staff, waiters, and servers—to learn menus and stay informed when specials, new items, or substitutions are made. And if recipes are classified, settings allow you to specify exactly who has access. While your secrets remain safe, your workers stay informed.

Always available

For quick-serve restaurants or dining establishments that rely on technology, Internet outages are a huge challenge. With unreliable connectivity, operations can grind to a halt, leaving customers unhappy and workers in a lurch.

It’s important that your operational content be available both online and offline. No matter what is happening at a dining location, employees should be able to answer questions about menus and ingredients, as well as prepare food. Even during outages, your operational guides and job aids can continue to enable your employees.


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