Modernize store operations with accurate and mobile-ready SOPs and job aids
Update content in real-time through a single accessible version
Leverage interactive content that includes short videos, checklists, and annotated images

Learn how Inkling helped McDonald's take advantage of mobile training and reduce their new employee onboarding process by 10 hours. McDonald's hires more than one million people each year and this streamlined training has led to an estimated $30M labor cost savings in the U.S. alone.

  • “We found that the shoulder-to-shoulder crew training experience was one of the pieces that had been a huge gap before Inkling. The crew training experience on those backroom desktop computers needed to become more vibrant and be where the learning actually takes place. With Inkling, this 'show me, test me, let me try' type of experience drives the shoulder-to-shoulder dynamic.”

    Jack Sylvester, Director of Learning Technologies, McDonald's