Arm your workforce with know-how.

When workers work smarter,
business gets humming.

Equip your workforce with the information they need, notify them with updates, and measure how they use the knowledge.


An effective salesforce is one that’s knowledgeable, nimble, and efficient. Inkling Knowledge arms them with product information that’s up to date, fully searchable, and accessible wherever they are. It puts a dynamic, living sales playbook in their pockets. The platform also speeds up new employee onboarding and gets teams ready for new product rollouts.


Inkling Knowledge gives you full control over your content library. You can set rules that determine who sees what, and Google-like search makes it quick and easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Content is always the most recent, which builds confidence across your teams. What’s more, users will have access on whatever device they’re using, both on- and offline.


Inkling Knowledge helps maintain brand consistency across your locations, even with fast-moving product changes and high staff turnover. Cut employee onboarding costs with media-rich, shoulder-to-shoulder training. With a single digital version, you’ll cut printing expenses and ensure everyone has the most-recent information. All of this with store-level analytics that provide deeper understanding of how your content is helping drive business.