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Inkling is the leading Operational Learning Platform designed to enable your workers to perform their best – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Learning 2023 New Challenges, New Trends, New Thinking webinar

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Learning 2023: New Challenges, New Trends, New Thinking

In 2023, organizations will continue looking to transform how they do things to make the business future-proof.

For Learning & Development teams, this means a complete reassessment of the strategies, technologies, and skills they leverage to build the skills the business needs. WATCH ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

Why Inkling?

Digital Transformation of the People Experience

Digital transformation of your people experience will give you the agility to pivot your business operations in the face of disruption. Inkling can help you deliver your mission-critical content, knowledge, and training to employees on the job where 70% of learning occurs.

Digital Transformation with Inkling


Leading Employers Choose Inkling

Our customers see better business results because they create more impactful content, do it faster, and get it to their employees’ hands earlier. Click to scroll through the benefits some of our top customers experienced.

Business Impact

Built for Real World Results

Since the start of the pandemic, Inkling has helped every client pivot their business so they can protect their customers, employees, and partners. Expediting the speed-to-market in days (instead of months) is just one example of the impact Inkling clients receive.

Increase in New Product Sales Compared to Previous New Product Launches

Labor Savings from Improved Onboarding

Minute Reduction per Claim Call


Recognition From Industry Leaders​

G2 Winter 2023 award bage

2023 G2 Leader Enterprise

G2 Leader Enterprise Award

inkling award aragon research

Leader in Aragon Learning Globe

Recognized for their "superior learner experience"

inkling stevie award 2020

2020 American Business Award

Stevie® Award in 2020​

G2 Social Bage

2022 G2 Highest User Adoption Enterprise

G2 Highest User Adoption Enterprise Award

inkling training industry award 2019

Training Industry Award

Top 20 Training Delivery Company

inkling kmworld top 100 companies

KMWorld Top 100 Companies

Listed as a Top Knowledge Management company in 2021

G2 Social Badge #2

2022 G2 Leader Enterprise

G2 Leader Enterprise Award


Digital Transformation with People in Mind​

The Inkling Digital Learning Platform gives your workforce a consumer-grade Experience with enterprise-scale control.

Inkling Knowledge & Training

Inkling Knowledge delivers just in time learning and reference at your employees fingertips on the job.

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Inkling Content Authoring

With Inkling Habitat, you get intuitive, collaborative authoring for quick content creation and updates.

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Inkling Learning Pathways powers structured learning with courses, trainer sign-off, teams, and automated assignments.

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Give employees clear direction about day-to-day tasks  with embedded training and gain more visibility into operations.

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Inkling Mobile Learning


Put information to get the job done in the hands of employees — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Inkling LMS Integrations


Inkling Connect gives you an Integration as a service platform  for integration, including xAPI, HRIS, LMS, CRM, and other operational systems.

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Inkling Reporting and Analytics


Get real-time insights across employees and locations to improve training and communication effectiveness and connect training results to business outcomes.

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How Our Customers Use Inkling

Operational Learning While On The Job


Empower franchises, distributors, partners & customers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

Enable Your Network

Makes it simple to create, update, and distribute training and reference content for your entire network of franchises, distributors, and customers so they can be the experts your customers want.

Drive Sales and Revenue

Enable channel partners with mobile learning and digital content at their fingertips so they will always have the up-to-date information needed to succeed.

Improve Customer Experience

Whether promoting your product or service, handling policies, or supporting customers, partners always know what to do and say to make the customer happy.


Give your field service technicians instant access to knowledge they need to keep technology and machinery up and running.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

An engaging learning experience effectively trains and prepares field employees to handle any situation and deliver a more consistent customer experience.

Be More Responsive

Put accurate and interactive learning content at your employees’ fingertips, and reduce the time required for issue resolution.

Close Skill Gaps

Improve employee performance improves with self-directed training and just-in-time access to learning and reference content.

Hear the top 3 reasons to expand your usage of Inkling’s mobile app with Pure Storage.


Immerse new employees in your culture and teach them what they need to be successful immediately.

Decrease Time to Competency

Crucial training at the point of need reduces ramp-up time as employees learn by doing.  Digital content in training materials also improves knowledge retention.

Increase Employee Retention

Better onboarding program helps new hires have access to all the tools, information, and training they need to be successful, which also boosts job satisfaction.

Improve Customer Experience

Ensure a consistent, superior customer experience when you create, manage, update, and distribute a single version of training and reference content.

Learn how McDonald’s served up reduced costs and improved employee engagement with Inkling.


Unlock operational content trapped in paper binders, sharepoint sites or your LMS by digitally transforming your standard operating procedures and company policies.

Delight Your Customers

Employees with easy access to critical information are more engaged in their jobs and better prepared to deliver fast, efficient, and consistent brand experiences.

Minimize Risk

Ensuring field employees are well-trained and have just-in-time access to learning content reduces risk for you and your customers.

Increase Efficiency

Deliver up-to-date engaging, mission-critical, content that’s stored in one intuitive digital library.

See how OrangeTheory Fitness L&D is adapting during the pandemic for long-term success.


Launch new products faster and more effectively with the right training for your salespeople and front-line workers.

Improve Execution

Easily communicate new information or procedure changes to everyone at the same time so everyone has accurate, updated information.

Increase Training Effectiveness

When employees can learn on the job next to their peers in the context of work, it reinforces knowledge and information retention. 

Improve Customer Experience

To provide excellent customer service each and every time, employees need access to digital, searchable training and reference content that gets them quickly up-to-speed on new product launches and initiatives.

See how Taco Bell spiced up training and empowered team members with Inkling.


Create powerful sales training and digital playbooks to ensure your sales team knows your products, the competition, and your buyers to drive more sales.

Reduce Ramp Time

Sales reps can master every subject with structured training at their own pace. Plus, it's also easy to access training content at work, which improves information retention.

Boost Expertise

With mobile learning and digital content at their fingertips, sales reps will have the confidence they need to be the experts your customers want.

Update Materials Easily

Make changes once and deploy them in real-time to ensure sales reps always access the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Watch how Abbott Diagnostics transformed learning programs during COVID-19.


Ensure every customer interaction represents your brand perfectly with better training and communication to your retail associates.

Accelerate Time To Competence

Employees can learn on the job and gain the knowledge and confidence needed to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Improve Consistency

Deliver high-quality execution across locations, especially during seasonal spikes, promotions, flash sales, and special offers. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Easy access to training and reference materials improves the in-store experience, whether handling products, promotions, or policies, employees always.

Love's pulled out all the stops to provide employees with digital learning on Inkling.

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Employee adoption of Inkling content is typically between 80-90% because it provides powerful search tools and access to essential information while on the job. Want to see how we do it?