Inkling for Restaurants

Create a Delightful Customer Experience

Your crew members can make or break your brand. When employees feel happy and competent, they stay longer and provide great service. Inkling delivers the continuous restaurant employee training and knowledge they need to be successful on the job, without ever leaving the front line.

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How Inkling Benefits Restaurants

Major Restaurant Brands Choose Inkling

Happy customers are repeat customers. With Inkling, you can arm your frontline workers with mobile access to the digital training and resources they need to deliver excellent service. You’ll see the results in higher CSAT scores and more revenue from returning customers.

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Launch LTOs Flawlessly

Inkling helps restaurants launch innovative Limited Time Offers and improve CSAT levels by empowering employees to handle new menu items — made exactly right every time, from the very first customer order.

Deliver Consistent, High-Quality Experiences

Guests expect the same exceptional dining experience at every location. Inkling ensures that information is always at employees’ fingertips, so expectations are matched, product standards are delivered, and your brand is protected, especially during LTOs.

Grow Your Business

Everyone knows that growth is all about the process. With complete visibility into execution, Inkling allows you to reduce costly inefficiencies and position your operators for success.

How Restaurants Use Inkling

Support for People and Product Creates Better Experiences

Inkling helps employers in the hospitality industry deliver frontline training. The results create an employee experience that reduces voluntary turnover, leading to better customer experiences that delight your patrons and increase revenue.

New Products and Initiatives

Competition continues to heat up, which means the best way to stand out from the crowd is to roll out new initiatives that drive traffic. How do you ensure consistency? By arming your teams with mobile training, job aids, and a clear view of responsibilities.

Employee Onboarding and Ramping

High turnover is inevitable, but you can reduce its impact. Start by decreasing onboarding time and getting employees in front of customers faster. Empower them with the day-to-day resources needed to deliver the best guest experiences possible.

Policy and Process Support

Restaurants need to run efficiently, but standard policies, processes, and procedures get trapped in paper-based operations manuals. When you digitize this mission-critical knowledge, it’s always accessible on mobile devices, meaning minor changes get distributed to all restaurants instantaneously.