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When disaster strikes, your customers rely on you to help them get back on their feet. With Inkling's insurance employee training capabilities, leading insurance companies can keep their agents, adjusters, and customer service teams up to speed in real-time on complex regulations, policies, and processes to ensure fast, accurate service that pleases customers.

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Insurers need to manage massive knowledge and training complexity keeping up the product, policy and state law information that must be legally compliant and constantly updated. They need to deliver updates immediately to thousands of people in hundreds of locations. It's a tough job, but Inkling makes it easier with insurance employee training that provides intuitive authoring and engaging content that enables your team to deliver the service your customers expect.

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Structured training through learning pathways helps agents, adjusters, and customer service reps get started fast. Once they are on the job, they have quick reference access to the original training content through microlearning and search that shortens time-to-expertise.

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Policy and claims information changes all the time, especially during a crisis. Make sure your agents have the most updated training and real-time knowledge available to ensure fast, accurate service.

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Mission Critical Communication

Launching a new product, service, or partnership? Ensure everyone is up to speed with the training and knowledge needed to make the most of it from the start.

How We Help Our Customers Customer

Practical, compelling content helps agents, representatives, and adjusters execute by arming them with the information they need, whenever they need it most. Whether they are getting started on the job, learning about new products, policies, and processes, or getting up-to-the-minute information at a disaster site, Inkling does the heavy lifting in distributing up-to-date, legally compliant content. 

Cost and Time Savings

It’s not unusual for Inkling customers to see up to a 60% reduction in learning content development time and cost when they adopt our intuitive, collaborative authoring tools that don’t require weeks of training.

Confidence in a Single Source of Truth

Companies can ensure that their distributed workforces have access to the latest, most accurate version of learning materials in an appealing and convenient format. By unifying mission-critical content from multiple sources into one platform, organizations can streamline training processes and maximize efficiency. 

Better Employee Engagement and Customer Service

Employees are more engaged in their work when they are trained with the right skills and supported on the job with operational learning. This expertise can make all the difference between delivering fast, accurate claims processing and lost customers.

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