LMS Integrations

Plug Seamlessly Into Your Learning and Operational Tech Stack

Inkling is the perfect Plus One LMS integrations system for your LMS, LXP, operational, and communications systems, by bringing training & knowledge to your workers where they are at and creating a better digital employee experience.

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Inkling Integrations

Powerful Partner Content and MicroApps

Managing multiple siloed applications and content sources is ineffective, time-consuming, and unproductive. With Connect, all your modern content in Inkling can easily be shared via partner micro apps, partner widgets, and augmented & virtual reality knowledge content.

Powerful partner content and microapps
Improve data flow for reporting

Improve Data Flow for Reporting

Getting data from one application into another increases your risk for errors and breakdowns. Connect simplifies data consistency with automatic data transfers that enable you to get better insights into your reporting and analytics. Instantly, you are empowered to make better decisions and demonstrate your value.

Streamline Your User Experience

Everything is in one place, so your employees will be significantly faster with only one login. There’s no need to bounce around between applications, constantly logging in and out.

Streamline the user experience


Integration-as-a-Service Makes Your Life Easier

Using standard connectors and a flexible integration-as-a-service platform, Inkling Connect is designed to eliminate your LMS and LXP integration headaches while you ensure a seamless learner experience.

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Easy integrations

iPaaS Platform and Standard Connectors

Ensure a seamless learner experience by integrating Inkling with your HCM, LMS, LXP, and operational systems through standard connectors and a flexible integration-as-a-service platform.

Single Sign-On

Simplify the login process by providing one login so learners don’t have to remember multiple passwords. User data can also be created and updated automatically.

Single-Sign On
xAPI and Data Connectors

xAPI and Data Connectors

xAPI offers deeper insights with more granular learning data, such as time spent in content. Inkling supports and shares this real-time data directly to your existing LMS or LRS so that your data remains xAPI compliant. Inkling supports a library of data connectors that can export user data from Inkling into your business intelligence tools and learning record stores for deeper insights.

Specific, External Links

Allow users from external systems to easily access InkDocs — even to a specific page or chapter. Seamlessly bring in external content by providing a link in an InkDoc or learning pathway to hosted external content.

Specific, External Links
Micro Apps

Micro Apps

Extend the functionality and power of Inkling as you leverage partner micro apps for games, virtual reality, widgets, and extended enterprise designed to work seamlessly inside the Inkling platform.

Third-Party Content Connections

Gain access to thousands of standard third-party learning courses, including courses curated specifically for critical verticals. Import these modern, off-the-shelf, e-learning courses directly into Inkling’s Learning Pathways to compliment your custom, mission-critical content.

Third-Party Content Connections