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Our comprehensive solutions equip your hospitality frontline employees with the knowledge and skills they need to provide exceptional service with hospitality employee training. From customer communication to conflict resolution, our platform covers it all.

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Improve Hospitality Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Give your team the skills they need to create exceptional guest experiences with our hospitality employee training solution. From customer service to communication, our hospitality employee training and development solutions cover all the essential topics to help your staff excel and take your hospitality business to the next level.

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Reducing Turnover

Within the hospitality industry, high employee turnover, seasonal hiring, and expansion to new locations demand a streamlined onboarding process. Adopting a modern, digital learning platform can trim onboarding time and expenses, while simultaneously boosting productivity and staff contentment.

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Mission Critical Communication

Emergency situation across all the hospitality franchises? No worries, as with Inkling’s mission-critical communication capabilities your leadership will be able to distribute that critical information to all necessary parties in the organization.

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Extended Enterprise

Empower franchisees and partners with the necessary tools to successfully perform in their roles, and measure the effectiveness of all the extended enterprise systems in one single source of truth.

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Employee Enablement

You always want your hospitality employees to feel empowered in their various roles. Inkling’s platform gives you the ability to provide real-time feedback to employees in the flow of work and provide that constructive criticism that leads to employee growth and development.

How We Help Our Customers Customer

Hospitality organizations are presented with unique challenges in terms of employee skill development and onboarding, and employee turnover is often high as customer service expectations are rising. As a result, hospitality leaders must ensure that their team receives regular opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional customer service while also meeting operational targets.

Inkling gives your hospitality organization a  comprehensive digital learning platform so you can improve your CSAT score, improve the hospitality employee training experience, and retain those valuable team members at a time when good talent is hard to keep.

Empower Your Frontline Staff With the Right Training

Your hospitality frontline workers are the face of your business. Ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional service with our onboard training solution. Empower your team to deliver unforgettable guest experiences every time.

Retain Top Talent and Save on Turnover Costs

High employee turnover can be a costly problem for your hospitality franchises. This is where our hospitality frontline employee training solution factors in. Drastically reduce hospitality employee turnover and improve employee retention rates. Retain your top talent, save on the costs of rehiring and training, and create a positive work culture that attracts new employees.

Streamline Your Hospitality Employee Training With a Single Source of Truth

Don’t waste time searching for scattered training materials. With our hospitality employee training solution, you can access all the learning and development materials you need in one place. Streamline your employee training process and ensure consistency across your team.

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