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On-Demand Knowledge Improves Performance

Deliver accessible mobile-friendly training materials for flexible learning. Shift from traditional classroom methods to a dynamic approach, embedding learning into daily work for practical application.

The Inkling Platform​

Designed For The Way People Really Work

Inkling is designed to work at work. With just-in-time performance support, your employees can find what they need to know, when and where they need to know it.

Engaging Content = Engaged Users

Employees ignore boring content. They demand a learning experience with relevant, engaging, and valuable content. Inkling’s platform includes videos, flashcards, interactive graphics, games, simulations, job aids, and augmented reality to keep your team engaged.

Knowledge That’s Accessible

Content is easily organized based on operations and can be sorted and favorited for easier access. It’s easy to quickly browse, go to the right place in the content, and grab a quick refresher. Your people can easily find out how to do their work, what procedures have changed, how to sell your products, and how to serve your customers.

Find What You Need — Fast

Inkling content is entirely searchable. It’s fast for employees to search for what they need with powerful “Google-like” search capabilities. There’s even a built-in glossary with key terms and definitions to enhance comprehension and retention.

Track Progress and Retention

Assessments, quizzes, and flashcards enable you to see what learners have retained and track how learners are progressing.

Why Choose Inkling Knowledge?

It Works On The Job

Our platform allows learners to access training materials on any device, at any time, so they can quickly learn what they need and get back to work. Say goodbye to lost productivity and hello to efficient learning with Inkling.

Employees Actually Use It

Most people who use traditional learning systems only adopt them about 30-40% of the time? Some are even as low as 2%! But our Inkling customers are different. They're crushing it with adoption rates between 80-93% and racking up tens of millions of page views per month.

A Better People Experience Drives Better Retention

If you're looking to keep your employees engaged, just-in-time learning is the way to go! 58% of employees prefer learning at their own pace, while 49% enjoy learning in the flow of work. Keep your team learning and growing with these powerful techniques.

Immediate and Long-Term ROI

From reducing employee ramp-up times to boosting customer satisfaction and sales, we deliver results that you can see right away. But that's not all - our platform is designed to help you achieve long-term success too.

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