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The most successful companies in all major industries choose Inkling. Millions of employees use Inkling to be great at their jobs every day because it is easy, personalized, and instantly accessible when they need it.

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Employee Success Drives Performance

Better training and knowledge make an impact on operational excellence. Across virtually every industry, leading employers choose Inkling to transform and accelerate delivery of accurate, up-to-date, mission-critical knowledge to drive exception employee performance, right now, on the job.


Grocery Store Employee
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Reduction in Training Time per Employee, per Session


Keep your grocery employees effective on the job with access to up-to-date reference and training at their fingertips. 

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Inkling drives efficient and consistent training across all national and regional medical centers in your network that results in better clinical outcomes and a better patient experience.

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Healthcare Inkling

Organic Authoring Growth and Better Brand Consistency Across 10 Regional Health Centers

Inkling | Insurance
Inkling for Insurance
10 Minute

Reduction in Customer Service Call Times


When your customers need you the most, Inkling delivers your agents and adjusters the best training and up-to-date knowledge to get them on their feet again, fast.

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Inkling delivers lower labor costs, faster onboarding, and the best training for every station in your restaurant with engaging, mobile digital content.

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Inkling | Restaurants
Taco Bell and Inkling

Better Customer Satisfaction on New Menu Items and Limited Time Offers

Life Sciences | Inkling
Bristol Myers Squibb and Inkling

Reduction in Content Creation & Editing Time and Millions Saved by Eliminating Paper

Life Sciences

Bringing complex medical and pharmaceutical products to market requires the best training and on-demand knowledge. Inkling delivers modern, digital training for your entire product lifecycle from R&D to manufacturing, sales, and customer service.

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In retail, your people are your brand. A friendly, knowledgeable employee can make all the difference. Inkling brings training and knowledge to your employees where they are on the retail floor, so they can be their very best with every customer they serve.

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Retail | Inkling
Love's Travel Stops and Inkling

Adoption Across 500+ Locations

Inkling | Manufacturing
Schindler and Inkling

Mission Critical Field Superintendents Use Inkling On-Demand Learning and Notes Regularly on the Job


Downtime and operational mistakes can cost you millions of dollars every hour. That's why manufacturers trust Inkling to deliver digital on-demand SOPs and maintenance knowledge to the shop floor and field service teams.

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Performance and reliability are mission-critical in technology. That's why leading hardware, software, telecom, and information companies rely on Inkling for operational training and knowledge of sales, customer service, and field technicians that key technology humming.

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Enterprise Technology | Inkling
Pure Storage & Inkling

On-site Execution Rate