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Five Employee Training 2023 Trends blog

5 Employee Training 2023 Trends You Need to Know

These five frontline employee training trends should definitely be on your top priority list if you want your employees and company to flourish in 2023.

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Customer Experience Consistent Training blog image

For a Great Customer Experience, Deliver Consistent Training

Consistency is the name of the game for both employee training and a positive customer experience.

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BYOD Training Frontline Worker blog image

BYOD Training for Today’s Frontline Workers

Frontline worker mobile training needs to be available on-the-go while delivering an engaging “consumer-like” experience.

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Inkling Labs blog header image

Why We Created Inkling Labs, in Five Questions

Welcome to the first entry in our Product Team Blog series, written by members of the Inkling Product team.

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Reducing Retail Employee Turnover blog image

The Big Imperative: Reduce Retail Turnover

Employee turnover has always been a challenge for the retail industry but how do you stop what seems like a turnover tsunami and set yourself (and your employees) up for success?

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Life Sciences L&D Challenge and Solution blog image

Industry Spotlight: Life Sciences Learning and Development Challenges, and the Solution

There’s no shortage of life sciences learning and development challenges. Luckily, there is a way to overcome these challenges with a modern operational learning platform.

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Frontline Worker Training Importance Blog Image

Frontline Worker Training is More Important Than Ever

Investing in better frontline worker training will not only get you higher CSAT scores but also happier employees. These three companies prove it.

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Retail Black Friday Training blog image

Boost Black Friday Retail Training to Make This Season Your Best Ever

Get your frontline employees ready for Black Friday with these retail training and development best practices.

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Training and Performance Support Blog image

What Is Training Performance Support and Why Do You Need It?

Training performance support can be a great addition to your learning and training initiatives.

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Transform Your Legacy Learning Content Library into Training Gold blog image

Transform Your Legacy Learning Content Library into Training Gold

Taking old content, updating it, and reusing it in a new and engaging way is easy when you have the right learning content management system.

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