Inkling for Manufacturing

Agile Operational Training and Knowledge Strengthens Your Value Chain

Consistent and flexible knowledge accessibility are vital drivers of growth in manufacturing. Inkling puts everything your team needs to know at their fingertips with manufacturing employee training.

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How Inkling Benefits Manufacturers

Leading Manufacturers Choose Inkling

The manufacturing value chain is more complex than ever. Inkling delivers critical manufacturing operational knowledge and training to employees, wholesalers, partners, and distributors that drives customer trust and success in innovation, sales, and service

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Handle the Talent Crunch

Growth, retirements, and a shortage of new workers entering the manufacturing sector are all factors contributing to the manufacturing talent shortage. Inkling softens the impact and enables you to reskill and upskill existing workers and attract new talent with the promise of modern learning and development.

Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Inkling drives better learning adoption throughout your entire value chain, from direct employees, partners to dealers and distributors. By making training and knowledge engaging and accessible at all times, everyone remains on the same page. The result? Customers receive stronger, more consistent experiences and trust your products no matter who they are working with..

Decrease Downtime

With a top-notch field services team, equipment installations, repairs, and maintenance improve, reducing callbacks, mistakes, and unplanned downtime. Field services teams deserve excellent training and the ability to quickly find and reference training and notes while on the job. With better field expertise, you even reduce the impact of downtime when it happens.

How Manufacturers Use Inkling

Bring Technical Content Into The Digital World

Manufacturers are at the leading edge of digital transformation in their operations with AI, Robotics, and sensors, but too often digitization of the people experience is ignored. Critical operational, product, and technical training and knowledge are trapped in paper binders, multiple systems, or the LMS. Inkling helps transform your people's experience to be as modern and digital as your operations with easy access to mobile, digital manufacturing employee training content that can deliver results.

Onboarding and Ramping

Modern digital training is the fastest way to provide real-time and continuous access to knowledge and mission-critical information, whether you’re onboarding new employees, training field service technicians, or you’re bringing entirely new partners online.

Sales and Channel Training

Selling your products can be complicated, especially with so many products, configurations, use cases, and competitors. Give your sellers a leg up by providing mobile training and enablement anywhere, anytime, on any device.

New Products and Initiatives

Innovative new products, initiatives, and partnerships are the key to growth in manufacturing. Inkling ensures everyone gets armed with learning and knowledge, anywhere and anytime, by providing engaging mobile learning delivered in real-time.

Field Service Training

Equipment downtime for you and your customers can cost millions of dollars and dent your customer satisfaction. Structured learning pathways and quick-reference microlearning on mobile guarantees top-notch field service and shorter downtime.