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Enable a Universe of Operational Workflows

Imagine if getting certified was as easy as scrolling through your phone during work breaks. That's exactly what learning pathways can do for you. No more clunky LMS systems, just a streamlined, intuitive mobile learning experience that seamlessly guides you through training. It's time to make certifications part of the flow of work.

Learning Pathways Walkthrough
Learning Pathways Walkthrough
Learning Pathways Walkthrough


Designed for Operations With Employees In Mind

Unlock the potential of your LMS by enabling learners to create and assign courses while tracking progress and measuring results. Inkling Learning Pathways empowers your learning team, course authors, and field managers to efficiently deliver multilingual training via responsive content on iOS or Android devices. Mobile users gain access to robust search, SSO, xAPI functionality, and adaptable integrations.

Web Product Images Simplify course management

Easily create flexible, media-rich courses with gated steps and multiple content types, including standards-based content like SCORM and AICC or external links.

Web Product Images Learning Assignments

Create centralized learning groups and distribution rules for assignments across teams. HQ learning teams or managers can easily assign learning pathways to individuals and teams or learning paths can be automatically assigned.

Web Product Images Guide employees

From onboarding to new product rollouts, employees navigate step-by-step through their training with an easy-to-use interface that shows them exactly what they need to do and when.

Web Product Images Track Progress

Managers, employees, and your training department all have role-based views of course assignments, progress, and results by an individual team or across the organization.

Why Choose Learning Pathways?

Break Certifications Out of the Classroom

Discover the smarter way to learn and get certified with Learning Pathways. With this approach, traditional classroom and LMS training barriers are broken down. Employees can access required training at any time, on any device, no matter where they are. Plus, they can quickly and easily refer to their notes while on the job. This helps ensure their newly acquired skills are put into action when they're needed most. Let Learning Pathways help your organization meet its training goals today.

Extend the Reach of Learning Content

Make your learning content more powerful with Inkling's reuse and reinforcement capabilities. Create modern, relevant content once and use it across different platforms, such as learning pathways, micro-learning, and quick reference guides. With Inkling, you can maximize the impact of your content while minimizing the effort required to create it.

Employees Can Learn at Their Pace

Make learning convenient for your employees and streamline your training process with Learning Pathways. Through this innovative program, employees can complete structured courses on their own time, at their own pace, and from anywhere. With easy trainer sign-off, employees can quickly get back to their jobs and apply their new knowledge. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional LMS certifications and embrace the future of workplace training.

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