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Inkling complements your Corporate Learning Systems to bring learning into everyone’s daily work with its digital learning platform.

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Inkling’s Digital Learning Platform is an all-in-one solution that aids the creation, publishing, distribution, and sharing of highly engaging operational training and knowledge content.

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Designed For Engagement And Business Results


Save time and money switching from paper to digital — it's no longer costly to create or update content.


Create beautiful, branded content easily that employees like to use.

Learning Paths

Guide employees through content with Learning Pathways.


See what they use with Advanced Analytics.

Inkling Knowledge and Training

Deliver searchable long-form, quick-reference, & microlearning to your employees in the flow of work for maximum learning retention and business impact


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Content Authoring with Inkling

Intuitive, collaborative, learning content authoring tools produce engaging, mobile-ready digital content in a fraction of the time compared to traditional authoring tools.


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Move certification out of your LMS and into the flow of work with an intuitive, mobile learning experience that guides employees through training.


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Checklists and Surveys with Inkling

Give employees clear direction about day-to-day tasks and on-the-job expectations,  combined with quick reference training,  while gaining more visibility and insights into operations.


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Inkling Mobile Learning Platform

Deliver a learning experience with easy access to the knowledge and mission-critical content — anywhere, anytime, on any device.


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Inkling LMS Integrations

Use out-of-the-box integrations to plug Inkling into your LMS, LXP, or learning & operational systems.


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Inkling Reporting and Analytics

Identify learning challenges and opportunities for improvement with actionable data and insights, empowering you to tie learning results to business performance.


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Delivering a Learning Experience People Love

One Source

"Everything I need is in one place, and I can use it while I do my job. We use it on tablets and back-office PC."


"It's super easy to find whatever I'm looking for when I type it into the Search bar!"


"The pathways make it obvious what I need to learn."


"Anytime, anywhere, I can grab my phone and see what I've completed and what I still need to do."

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