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See how Inkling helps you create, share, and measure your content, optimized for any device.


Creating your content has never been so easy—or so beautiful. Enrich your content with video and interactivity functions that will work seamlessly across phones, tablets, and PCs. And unlike your PDFs, Inkling content automatically adapts to any screen size.


Control who sees your content via public, gated, or strictly controlled access. And rest assured it’s easy to grant and revoke access by user title, geography, or other criteria at any time. Need to make an update? A click is all it takes. Even offline devices will automatically update the content.


Inkling lets you monitor everything. Know how people are accessing your content and what they’re actually reading, all from a single dashboard. This insight means you can keep what’s working, and improve what’s not. Tinker, push, measure. Then repeat. Try that with a PDF.

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