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Custom-tailored educational publishing solutions for publishers and educators, designed to help enhance learning curriculum and increase student and teacher success. 

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Inkling's digital learning platform empowers organizations with easy authoring and formatting capabilities, resulting in the design of a streamlined approach to flexible learning environments. 

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Digital Transformation

In the age of technology, digital content transformation is a crucial part of staying afloat. With the advancement of tools like Inkling, converting from paper materials to 100% digital has never been easier. This not only saves time on printing and managing physical inventory but also facilitates easy sharing and collaboration. With Inkling, it’s possible to make updates or revisions to content on the go without worrying about reprinting costs or delivery delays.

Content Authoring

Inkling has become a crucial tool for educators looking to create content that is both engaging and accessible for students. With content authoring tools that are easy to use, instructors are able to craft interactive materials that support various media types. By leveraging these capabilities, they can create immersive experiences that foster deeper engagement and learning outcomes. With Inkling ensure that students have the tools they need to succeed in their studies.

Professional Development

Providing professional development experiences that truly engage and educate employees can be a daunting task. That’s where Inkling comes in, offering the necessary speed and agility during the template design, build, content development, and delivery process. With Inkling, organizations can ensure that their digital content development is top-notch, allowing employees to learn in a way that suits their individual needs and learning styles.

Revolutionize Digital Content Transformation and Elevate the Skills of Publishers and Educators Alike

Empower students and educators with enriched long-term educational and professional outcomes.

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Content Authoring

Now you can engage with your learners by easily creating, authoring, and distributing content using our best-in-class, no-code content management system.

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Digital Standard Operating Procedures

Set your operational content free from disorganized paper binders, clunky SharePoint sites, or LMS. Digitize standard operating procedures, and company policies, and unleash their accessibility and searchability online or offline, from any device.

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Employee Enablement

By providing opportunities for professional development, access to technology and resources, and the ability to collaborate with peers, employees can truly feel enabled to make a difference in their classrooms and positively impact student outcomes.

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Skills Development

It is essential to equip educators with the skills they need to help their students thrive, whether it is in the classroom, online, or in a hybrid learning environment. Through skills development opportunities, educators can improve their skills and stay current with the latest trends in education

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