Inkling for Healthcare

Improve Patient Care While Reducing Risk

With Inkling, healthcare providers increase operational efficiency and increase training consistency that reduces compliance risk, improves clinical outcomes and drives a better patient experience.

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How Inkling Benefits Healthcare

Top Healthcare Providers Choose Inkling

From payers to suppliers to providers, Inkling is a key link in the healthcare value chain. A better patient experience starts with a better employee experience. Inkling has demonstrated valuable results with healthcare providers, driving better outcomes with real-time employee training and knowledge. When lives are on the line, engaging digital learning content helps keep everyone’s skills sharp.

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Centralized Design, Decentralized Collaborative Authoring

Most large hospital systems need centralized design and control over content standards but the flexibility to let training teams and subject matter experts create training content tailored to their unique needs.

Employee Training Tailors To Every Department

National and regional hospital systems need centralized design and control over training content and brand standards. They also need simplicity and flexibility to enable decentralized clinical educators and subject matter experts to create training content tailored to their unique needs. Inkling delivers both.

Easy Access To Digital Content

With Inkling, training teams can create engaging digital learning content that is designed to be consumed at the nurses station, through workstations on wheels, or on mobile devices. Content uses video, timelines, interactive graphics, 3-D models, and many other types of modern content ideal for the complexities of healthcare. 

How Healthcare Uses Inkling

Improving Quality of Work To Improve Quality of Care

Better healthcare and more meaningful work are supported and promoted when you provide real-time training and knowledge.

Policy and Process Reinforcement

From knowledge of systems and processes for admissions, to proper processes for keeping your supply chain humming to clinical expertise on codes, equipment and care, everyone needs to be trained and knowledgeable to ensure the best patient experience.

Onboarding and Ramping

Whether you’re onboarding new nurses, technicians, central supply, or facilities workers, you need the right balance between structured learning and quick-reference microlearning to develop employees into experts on your unique operations.

Clinical Training

For success on the job, your clinical teams need to have continuous training and in-service sessions on the latest policies, processes, procedures, and equipment to keep their edge. With Inkling, your physicians, nurses, and technicians get prepared to give the best care possible.

Supply Chain, Facilities, and Admin Training

The proper training and knowledge for your central supply team, facilities, maintenance crews, and administrative staff are mission-critical to operational efficiency and an excellent patient experience.