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Discover the true impact of your knowledge and learning initiatives with Inkling's Reporting and Analytics capabilities. Gain a data-driven understanding of what is working and what needs improvement to drive business outcomes.

Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
Reporting & Analytics Dashboard


Your Fastest Route To Learning Insights

Empower your employee training to deliver tangible business outcomes. Capture data showcasing the direct impact of learning initiatives on both employees and organizational performance. Access quick-start options or create custom dashboards seamlessly, integrating with various applications and data storage systems.

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Out-of-the-box dashboards make it easy to track content use, assessment results, as well as team and individual engagement.

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Build customized reports and dashboards to monitor the data your organization needs. Powerful data visualizations make it easy to analyze data, detect patterns, and demonstrate how learning influences business goals.

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Data connectors import interaction data into your business intelligence tools to drive additional insights. For example, with xAPI, you’re able to track employee on-demand learning activities and import them into your existing LMS or LRS.

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In Learning Pathways, you can get an at-a-glance view of individuals who have not completed a course and course progress so that managers can follow-up.

Why Choose Inkling Reporting & Analytics?

Measure Business Impact

Track key learning metrics to evaluate how learning programs are performing in your organization. Get the data you need to measure results and see what activities and content are adding value to your customer service, cost cutting and revenue growth.

Optimize Content for Effectiveness

Get insights and optimize the learner experience to improve engagement and retention. Inkling’s analytics tools show where learners are spending their time, who is using course material, which materials get used most, and how progress falls across a specific group so you can maximize the return on your investment.

Discover Improvement Opportunities

Learning analytics help reveal the learner’s preferences, uncover poor learning programs, and identify areas in need of improvement so you can prioritize programs that work and modify or eliminate the programs that aren’t effective.

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