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Enable a Universe of Operational Workflows

Make sure your team is on the same page and producing quality work by giving them clear guidance on their daily tasks and expectations. Get the job done right using mission-critical operational workflows, equipped with valuable knowledge, training, and insights into your operations.

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InkForms Walkthrough
InkForms Walkthrough

Why Customers Choose InkForms

InkForms empowers businesses to customize their workflows and processes, so they’re effective and efficient. And trust us, the possibilities are endless with this flexible tool.

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Employee Success In Just A Few Clicks

Icons Improve Operational Excellence

Improve Operational Excellence

Don't let any shift go to waste - ensure the job is done right every time. With repeatable operational checklists, your field employees are armed with the tools they need to execute flawlessly. Plus, this technique also serves as a training tool, embedding crucial knowledge and ensuring employee success.

Icons Operational Possibilities

Universe of Operational Possibilities

You can effortlessly handle all sorts of operational tasks, like submitting service requests, getting approval for completed tasks, organizing maintenance requests, and setting appointments. Plus, our system comes with embedded training and knowledge, so you'll never feel lost. 

Icons Gain Insights

Gain Insights that Drive Improvement

Want to better understand your learners and invest in their success? Conducting surveys is the way to go. With automated data collection and real-time reporting, you can get insights into their needs and preferences. Align your training with what they're looking for and watch your business soar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What use cases does Inkling serve?

Inkling serves use cases that include, but are not limited to, onboarding, new product initiatives, skills development, sales enablement, and digital standard operating procedures. To see if we can help serve you, check out our problems we solve.

Contact or chat with us today to discuss further! 

I have 23 learning tools in my enterprise today. Does Inkling play nicely with other systems?

It sure does. Inkling rarely stands alone, and has existing integrations or experience sharing data with most learning and HR solutions. To learn more, view our integrations.

Can Inkling work in my BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment?

Yes, in fact, having Inkling “in your pocket” is the best way to accelerate your ROI.

Do you replace our HR tech Stack? Are you an LXP or LMS?
Inkling can be complementary to your HR tech stack. We can also be an all-in-one solution, from: We can fill in those gaps or do all of these for you! To learn more about our solutions, check out our product line.
Do I have to start from scratch to create content that will live in Inkling?

Inkling will import all of the critical content you need into the Inkling platform as live editable documents. From there you’ll have the ability to modify and update to meet your ongoing operational business needs.

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