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Enable a Universe of Operational Workflows

Make sure your team is on the same page and producing quality work by giving them clear guidance on their daily tasks and expectations. Get the job done right using mission-critical operational workflows, equipped with valuable knowledge, training, and insights into your operations.

InkForms Walkthrough
InkForms Walkthrough


Employee Success In Just A Few Clicks

Picture having one solution that can handle all your workflows, surveys, forms, and checklists! Better yet, imagine being able to embed critical training and knowledge right into those everyday operations. Well, with InkForms, that’s exactly what you get. InkForms empowers businesses to customize their workflows and processes, so they’re effective and efficient. And trust us, the possibilities are endless with this flexible tool.

Why Choose InkForms?

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Employees ignore boring content. They demand a learning experience with relevant, engaging, and valuable content. Inkling’s platform includes videos, flashcards, interactive graphics, games, simulations, job aids, and augmented reality to keep your team engaged.

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Create and embed checklists, surveys, and micro-learning right into Inkdocs and Learning Paths. Create high-impact, engaging lists and surveys in minutes with powerful templates combined with drag and drop widgets. Quickly include images, videos, signatures, and so much more.

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Create operational workflows with simple drag-and-drop workflow tools. Drive actions for approvals, alternate completion flows and provide branching logic to trigger different workflows, training, or knowledge delivery based on completions and answers. Several pre-fill options, integrations, and action buttons make it super easy to create whatever you need.

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Gather all forms data automatically and even see pictures and video attached to form completions to ensure the job is being done right. Informs enable you to gain insights you can never get with paper forms, checklists, and separate task management tools.

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Convert real-time form responses into custom reports and presentations that you can share in seconds. See results by form type, checklist, survey, location, region, or the entire organization.

Improve Operational Excellence

Don't let any shift go to waste - ensure the job is done right every time. With repeatable operational checklists, your field employees are armed with the tools they need to execute flawlessly. Plus, this technique also serves as a training tool, embedding crucial knowledge and ensuring employee success.

Enable a Universe of Operational Possibilities with InkForms

Do you want to make your work life easier? Say no more. InkForms has got you covered! With our awesome platform, you can effortlessly handle all sorts of operational tasks, like submitting service requests, getting approval for completed tasks, organizing maintenance requests, and setting appointments. Plus, our system comes with embedded training and knowledge, so you'll never feel lost. Give InkForms a try and see the difference it can make for you.

Gain Insights That Drive Improvement

Want to better understand your learners and invest in their success? Conducting surveys is the way to go. With automated data collection and real-time reporting, you can get insights into their needs and preferences. Align your training with what they're looking for and watch your business soar.

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