Why Inkling Is Different

Protect The People In Digital Transformations

As organizations begin implementing their digital transformations, too many leave the operational employees behind because the essential details they need remain trapped in paper binders and PDFs. Inkling moves your mission-critical operational information into an easily accessible, measurable platform that delivers on business goals.

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Put Your Knowledge To Work

Delivering YOUR Unique Mission-Critical Knowledge to YOUR Frontline Workers

Businesses and their employees need to put learning and training into the hands of employees on the job — in the field, on the factory floor, in a restaurant kitchen, in a retail shop, or in a patient’s room. We want you to achieve measurable business impacts in the areas that drive your business forward, so we innovate with these four core beliefs in mind:


Available, Adaptable, Immediate

  • Fast for End Users: They find what they need, learn it and do it right on the job
  • Fast for Authors: Create and update content in half the time


Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

  • Search, Bookmarks, Notes, Favorites: Find learning in seconds
  • Learning Paths: Guided experiences


Connected & Engaging

  • Mobile-first design
  • Modern content
  • Adaptable to enhance your ecosystem


Integrated, Results-focused

  • Moves learning away from the classroom and closer to your business operations
  • It ties learning effectiveness directly to business results
Inkling's Digital Learning Platform

Capture Valuable Expertise

When your subject matter experts can effortlessly develop content and instantly distribute it to employees on the job, it’s simpler to connect that knowledge to the work your team needs to do.

Get Adoption Rates Over 90%

Training is only valuable if your people engage with it. Inkling clients typically experience near-universal adoption because end-users love how it’s accessible (mobile), searchable, and engaging (interactive).

Why Inkling's Digital Learning Platform
Why Inkling's Digital Learning Platform

Rapidly Adapt To Business Conditions

If your business model changes overnight, as we saw during the pandemic, training needs to be flexible and effortless to ramp up quickly. With Inkling, employees promptly adapt, enabling the business to accelerate and coordinate its response.

Learning at Workspeed

Training For How People Really Learn

Traditional, formal learning approaches certainly offer value but can seem disconnected from real work and actual business outcomes. A new learning model is needed: Learning at Workspeed. We know that employees get 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others (such as mentoring), and 10% from formal learning. Inkling helps the 70% of learners who demand to learn on the job, shoulder-to-shoulder, or at Workspeed.

Traditional, formal learning approaches certainly offer value but can seem disconnected from real work and actual business outcomes. That’s part of the reason that formal learning gets a bad rap and also why Inkling is designed to easily plug in with tools you already have — like your LMS, LXP, and other operational systems.

Training For How People Really Learn

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