Content Authoring Solution

Simplify Content Authoring, Accelerate Training

Put what your business knows in the hands of your workforce with a rapid content-authoring solution. Reduce development time up to 60%, while (instead of by) reducing training costs.

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Inkling Content Authoring

Why Choose Inkling Habitat Authoring Platform?

Create Collaboratively with Inkling Habitat

Inkling Habitat is a cloud-based authoring environment where your team can collaborate to create inspiring, interactive content for all devices.

With Inkling, your learning team can collaborate with subject matter experts quickly & easily.

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Easily Plug Into Your LMS

Easily Plug Into Your LMS or LXP

Create dynamic, interactive training content while you cut development time, complexity, and cost. You'll never need to create content and manage it across multiple different learning systems again! Collaborators love the simple, built-in authoring tool, which easily integrates content into learning paths, micro-learning, or mobile learning courses.

No Authoring Experience Needed

Inkling authoring is simple and intuitive for both instructional designers and subject matter experts. With Inkling, you don't need days or weeks of training to author content. Standard templates, widgets, and design patterns make creating and sharing engaging digital content effortlessly.

Content authoring made easy
Modern Digital Content

Create Modern Digital Content People will Love

Inkling helps you break out of the training doldrums of written word docs, static pictures, and the dreaded e-learning next button. With Inkling your team can create dynamic, modern digital learning content with video, games, simulations, augmented reality, interactive graphics, and much more.

Improve Collaboration

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) partner with instructional designers to quickly incorporate learning best practices into content and courses. Inkling tracks ongoing comments, edits, and requests to keep everyone on the same page.

Improve collaboration with Inkling

Inkling’s Approach

Content Development, Fast, Simple, Integrated

Inkling simplifies the learning content lifecycle from creation, storage, distribution, updating, and measurement — an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform.

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Drag and Drop with Inkling

Intuitive, Drag-and-Drop Authoring

No-code authoring makes designing engaging digital learning content as easy as editing a Word document. With Inkling, your instructional designers don't need weeks of classes or any unique expertise. Anyone can create high-impact, mobile-friendly content with intuitive drag and drop widgets and repeatable design patterns.

Automated Review and Approval

Inkling’s authoring tools automatically check all new content and flag errors in design, structure, missing files, and more so you can ensure you publish mistake-free, high-quality learning content every time.

Automated review and approval
Templates and widgets with Inkling

Templates And Widgets

Design templates, patterns, and widgets give your learning team better design control, no matter who helps design your content or how decentralized your learning environment is. Templates and widgets also reduce the time it takes to create, update, and distribute engaging learning content like videos, timelines, flashcards, and other interactive content.

Mobile Learning Content Made Easy

A mobile-friendly design means content is written once and uses responsive design so content is correctly formatted on any device. While creating content you can preview it to see what it will look like on a laptop, tablet, or phone to ensure optimal design.

Mobile Learning Content Made Easy
Easy integrations

Easy Integration With Other Systems

With Inkling's Learning Connector, you can expose Inkling's dynamic digital content in your LMS or LXP. User data may also be exported out of Inkling and imported into your business intelligence tools and learning record stores for deeper insights.

Available Content Strategy Support

Inkling’s content strategy team offers expert advice on prioritizing, converting, and designing engaging, digital learning content optimized for your unique needs. Our experts are with you every step of the way, whether you need to sort out how to convert paper operations manuals or create net-new, mobile-ready training content.

Content strategy and support