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Your employees are the face of your brand. Inkling helps ensure every customer experience is on point with real-time retail employee training and access to training and knowledge on the retail floor with our retail training solution.

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Testimonial: Orangetheory Fitness creates Single Source of Truth with Inkling

Discover how Orangetheory Fitness partnered with Inkling to reimagine how employees learn on the job and keep all training content, and any updates, in one source of truth location.

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Leading Retailers Choose Inkling

The fast-paced retail world demands that store associate training continually be updated. It should never get stuck in paper binders or PDFs. Inkling's retail employee training makes it simple for store operations and training teams to keep training and knowledge digital and available on mobile devices.

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High employee turnover, seasonal hiring, and new location openings require an efficient and effective onboarding and ramping process. Only a digital learning platform can reduce onboarding time and labor costs while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Mission Critical Communication

Operational efficiencies are crucial in managing successful campaigns. But don't worry, we've got you covered. With our easy-to-use mobile learning solution, spreading knowledge to all stores has never been faster. Utilize rapid authoring and distribution tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Let's drive success together.

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Digital SOPs

A crucial aspect of retail operations is maintaining a consistent brand experience across all locations. Each operational detail carries weight. By utilizing intuitive mobile devices for quick reference learning, your associates can enhance their knowledge intake, allowing them to flourish on the sales floor. Let's empower your team to succeed.

How We Help Our Customers Customer

With Inkling, retailers have a robust retail training solutions platform at their disposal to train employees quickly, which speeds up time to productivity and drives retention. With more knowledgeable and productive employees, retailers benefit from increased efficiency and a better customer experience.

Run Tight Operations

Lines are blurring between in-store and online experiences and store associates must be up to speed with the right digital tools and knowledge for every situation. With Inkling, it’s easy to control costs associated with routine task execution, coordination between HQ and the field, and customer support.

Keep Teams on the Floor

Time and productivity are wasted whenever store associates are training in the backroom. With mobile learning, Inkling cuts time to employee proficiency and streamlines communications, which ensures that every initiative is implemented correctly the first time.

Deliver Smooth Experiences

The customer is always right, and today’s consumers demand excellent experiences when they visit physical stores. That’s why store associates need easy access to updated information on products, promotions, and policies to ensure memorable in-store experiences every time.

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