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Keep your grocery employees effective on the job with access to up-to-date grocery store training at their fingertips. Inkling enables you to deliver mission-critical, relevant learning and knowledge to every store associate on any device—so they have what they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Testimonial: Hear how Whole Foods Market Transformed Team Member Training with Inkling

Whole Foods Market teammates used to spend time in the back office training, which often took time away from helping customers. See how Whole Foods elevated the customer experience with higher quality employee & customer interactions, and cut training time by 14 minutes per employee, per session.

What We Do

All Grocery Employee Training In One Place

In the bustling world of the grocery industry, your team needs to stay sharp and informed. Traditional paper manuals and stationary computer-based training methods no longer cut it. To stay ahead, grocery store employees require real-time access to knowledge — right on the sales floor, where it matters most. How do you keep them up-to-date and ensure peak store performance?

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Reducing Turnover

High employee turnover, seasonal hiring, and new location openings require an efficient and effective onboarding and ramping process. A modern, digital learning platform can reduce onboarding time and labor costs while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.


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Mission Critical Communication

Operational efficiencies are vital for rolling out and managing promotions, flash sales, special offers, seasonal spikes, and new products and services. Get new training and knowledge out to all stores instantly with rapid authoring and distribution tools built on an easy-to-use mobile learning solution.

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Digital SOPs

A key component of store operations is ensuring all locations provide a consistent brand experience. Every operational detail counts. So track them with operational checklists and give corporate visibility.  Intuitive, quick reference learning on mobile devices streamlines knowledge intake, empowering store associates to succeed.

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Employee Enablement

You never know when someone on one of your shifts won’t show up or when you might be short staffed.  That’s why you need quick access when you need to cross-train someone to work in the produce department or become a cashier.

How We Help Our Customers Customer

Discover the Power of Mobility with Inkling — Knowledge at Your Fingertips

ENHANCE Engagement: Increase store performance through continuous, on-the-job training. Empower your associates with mobile learning solutions that foster a culture of excellence and knowledge.

IMPROVE Accessibility: Say goodbye to outdated, paper-based training. With Inkling, your team accesses digital operation checklists and SOPs straight from their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

ADAPT Swiftly: Market shifts wait for no one. Your ability to swiftly update and distribute training content keeps your business not just current but competitive.

FOSTER Team Collaboration: Create a sense of belonging with a platform that promotes collaboration and reinforces your company’s culture. With Inkling, the difference is clear and measurable. Associates aren’t just trained; they’re continuously nurtured to deliver exceptional service that turns new customers into loyal advocates.

Reduction in Controllable Out-Of-Stock
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Use operational checklists, store walks, and digital cashier pages to reduce controllable out-of-stock by up to 40%, while also decreasing shrinkage due to cashier errors, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

In Savings to Keep Teams on the Floor
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On average, 14 minutes of time and productivity are wasted every single time a grocery associate has to walk to the backroom for training. With mobile learning, Inkling cuts time to employee proficiency and streamlines communications, which ensures that every initiative is implemented correctly the first time.

Acceleration in Training
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Leverage checklists to ensure policies are followed and provide corporate visibility. Accelerate training agility and velocity by up to 60% with digital creation and distribution of operational training and knowledge content.

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