Inkling for Grocery

Give Store Associates Confidence with the Power to Find, Learn, Do.

Keep your grocery employees effective on the job with access to up-to-date grocery employee training at their fingertips. Inkling enables you to deliver mission-critical, relevant learning and knowledge to every store associate on any device—so they have what they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

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How Inkling Benefits Grocers

Why Grocers Choose Inkling

To reduce shrink and increase store performance, your store associates need continuous learning and operational knowledge. This is impossible with paper-based training manuals, checklists, or computer desk-bound training. Today’s grocery store employees need access to knowledge in the moment, on the job to deliver the kind of service that keeps loyal customers. 

Inkling makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team to create, update, and distribute training content that keeps pace with the demands of your business. When processes change or you need to respond to shifts in the market, keep digital operational checklists, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training on mobile devices so store associates have what they need, and feel part of your company culture.

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Reduce Controllable Out-Of-Stock by up to 40%

Use operational checklists, store walks, and digital cashier pages to reduce controllable out-of-stock by up to 40%, while also decreasing shrinkage due to cashier errors, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

Keep Teams on the Floor, Saving over $2M

On average, 14 minutes of time and productivity are wasted every single time a grocery associate has to walk to the backroom for training. With mobile learning, Inkling cuts time to employee proficiency and streamlines communications, which ensures that every initiative is implemented correctly the first time.

Accelerate Training, Up to 60%

Leverage checklists to ensure policies are followed and provide corporate visibility. Accelerate training agility and velocity by up to 60% with digital creation and distribution of operational training and knowledge content.

How Grocers Use Inkling

Knowledgeable Store Associates Reduce Shrink

Better operational efficiency and knowledgeable store associates are two easy ways to prevent and reduce shrink. When employees have real-time access to digital checklists, procedures, and operational training, there is less room for error. 

Inkling gives you a robust digital learning platform so you can speed time to productivity, improve the grocery employee training experience, and retain valuable store associates at a time when good talent is hard to keep. 

Reduce Turnover By 40-50%

High employee turnover, seasonal hiring, and new location openings require an efficient and effective onboarding and ramping process. A modern, digital learning platform can reduce onboarding time and labor costs while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Project Rollouts

Operational efficiencies are vital for rolling out and managing promotions, flash sales, special offers, seasonal spikes, and new products and services. Get new training and knowledge out to all stores instantly with rapid authoring and distribution tools built on an easy-to-use mobile learning solution.

Streamlined Store Operations

A key component of store operations is ensuring all locations provide a consistent brand experience. Every operational detail counts. So track them with operational checklists and give corporate visibility.  Intuitive, quick reference learning on mobile devices streamlines knowledge intake, empowering store associates to succeed.

Do More with Less

You never know when someone on one of your shifts won’t show up or when you might be short staffed.  That’s why you need quick access, micro-learning for when you need to cross-train someone to work in the produce department or become a cashier. Operational micro-learning can help speed on-the-job-training and operational learning paths to fill gaps in different departments or enable your associates to pick up more shifts.