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Personalize your training by featuring specific pages, chapters, and documents. Deliver the right content to your employees at the right time with our powerful audience capabilities.

Home and Featured Content Dashboard
Home and Featured Content Dashboard

Make Training Experiences Tailored to Your Needs

Optimize Training Program

Harness the power of Featured Content on the Home Page to target specific pages, chapters, and documents, providing relevant information to employees when they need it most.

Personalized Learning Experience

Effortlessly deliver content based on language preferences with advanced audience capabilities, ensuring a personalized learning journey for each individual.

Streamlined Content Management

Enhance employee satisfaction by simplifying content management with Home, the all-in-one content hub that centralizes assigned courses, reference materials, and feedback management.

Seamless Training Administration

Promote seamless training administration with Home, empowering you to track progress, address feedback, and delight employees with tailored content exclusively for them.

Why Choose Inkling Home and Featured Content?

Surface Specific Content

Provide important information and critical updates to groups of users based on job role, location, language preference, and more.

Language Preferences

With our advanced audience capabilities, you can effortlessly deliver targeted content to users based on their language preferences.

Keep Track of Feedback

Keep track of feedback received on your content and promptly address it, while also delighting your employees with content tailored exclusively for them.

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