Insurance Employee Training That Keeps Pace with Constant Change

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Keeping pace with constant change is one thing but how do you make sure employees get the most up-to-date insurance employee training? And how do you reduce training costs, increase the speed of claims processing (without increasing errors), reduce call times with the increased quality of service, and more? 

Here are a few examples of how a modern insurance learning platform like Inkling can transform the learning experience, help you do more with less, and give your people the knowledge they need to serve your customers better.

Onboarding and Ramping with a Purpose

A firehose approach to onboarding can often overwhelm new employees but, if there’s a lot of information you need them to learn using structured training and learning pathways helps agents and claims adjusters get started fast—without the overwhelm.

When new employees are helping customers solve problems a few weeks into the job, enables them to easily search for the exact content they need from the original class, get a quick refresher, and apply what they learned in the flow of work. This approach to onboarding allows new employees to use active learning in the context of the job. You can provide any number of insurance employee training formats to engage employees—like short videos, infographics, interactive graphics, flashcards, and more—and give them what they need in the moment to help customers.

Insurance Operational Learning and Policy Process Reinforcement

Policy and claims information change all the time. Keeping agents, call center staff, and claims adjusters trained and up to date on this information is critical since they’re responsible for delivering service to customers.

Operational learning provides flexible Insurance employee training that complements corporate learning with training in the moment. With sophisticated yet intuitive authoring tools, you can make changes and notify anyone in your organization about updates instantly. Notifications pop up on agent mobile devices and take them straight to relevant content. This ensures that everyone has the most recent policy and process knowledge they need.

Faster New Products or Initiative Roll Outs

When content is in multiple places, getting everyone on the same page to launch a new product or initiative is challenging. Everyone needs to know the details and their role so that execution can happen smoothly, especially when it comes to generating sales.

A single source of truth that teams can leverage for insurance learning and development makes it easy to communicate changes, processes, or claims information so everyone has the most accurate information. Your speed to market increases because your sales and marketing teams can shift quickly if needed when things change so you can out-pace new competitors entering the space.

Though the insurance industry is well-versed in dealing with change, traditional learning models just aren’t keeping up. An insurance training solution that delivers onboarding and ramping with a purpose, operational learning and policy reinforcement, and faster new product rollouts enables you to reach the next level of adaptability by keeping employees up-to-speed and knowledgeable to serve customers better.