Inkling Celebrates Pride and Diversity Every Day

By Jeff Carr on June 21, 2019

At Inkling, we celebrate Pride every day by embracing diversity, promoting transparency and grit, and championing equal rights. Read More

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Top 4 Highlights of Learning Solutions 2016

By Sharmila Ghosh on March 25, 2016

The Learning Solutions 2016 conference, hosted by the eLearning Guild in Orlando, Florida, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the industry, meet other learning technology platforms, and understand ...

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Inkling’s Predictions for 2016 Featured by CLO Magazine

By Anadelia Fadeev on January 20, 2016

Mobile technology in 2015 brought us new advantages to better optimize our lives in fitness, home efficiency, travel, and transportation. In 2016, more content and more opportunities to attain new knowledge will present ...