[INFOGRAPHIC] Deliver Interactive Reference Guides to Store Employees

Store Operations Infographic Featured

It’s no secret that store employees spend a significant amount of their personal time on mobile phones. While on break, at lunch, or when the work day is over, chances are high that the first thing an employee does is check his or her phone to view new messages and find out what’s trending.

The prevalence of mobile devices today and the connected attitude of workers—both young and old—means that a powerful and real-time communication tool is always in hand when off the job.

Why not provide the same access to your critical operational content while on the job?

To demonstrate the power of bringing business content onto mobile, the infographic below speaks to the signs that tell you it’s time to modernize store operations and illustrates what business outcomes you can expect.

We think you’ll like the results.

Store Operations Infographic

Mobile devices are used today to manage every aspect of our personal lives. Almost one-third of our time awake is spent on our phones, and apps are responsible for 90% of this mobile time, especially those apps that provide productivity tools and communication management.

The natural question arises: can employees use apps to manage their work lives?

Research shows that employees have the highest levels of job satisfaction when they are empowered to get things done, and technology is known to improve employee work performance. The outcome—happier store employees who are more engaged in their work—leads to high impact results, including 81% higher customer satisfaction and 50% lower employee turnover.

But how do you figure out whether or not your workforce could be happier?

Three simple questions help answer this query:

  1. Do you still utilize PDFs and downloadable files? What about binders and paper documents? Are online portals in the mix?
  2. Is it challenging to disseminate your reference guides and operational content to your remote store employees?
  3. Do you worry about customer satisfaction and inconsistent brand experiences across your stores?

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is “yes,” then it’s time to modernize your store operations.


When you provide employees with dynamic SOPs and job aids, accessible on any mobile device, you benefit from:

  • Searchable, interactive, and engaging content, which enables employees to find answers and consume knowledge.
  • Digital content that is always accurate, up-to-date, and accessible—even when your employees are offline!
  • A seamless and powerful user experience where employees feel the same way they do when managing their personal lives on mobile: empowered.

And the best part? You never need to worry about versioning control or outdated resources being utilized by employees on accident.

When your content lives online, you have the tools to ensure easy and safe administration, including:

  • Easy content creation
  • One-click updates with alerts
  • Rules-based access
  • Cloud-hosted platform with APIs and analytics
  • SaaS for simple deployment
  • HTML for modern interfaces

Great outcomes come as a result of empowering your employees, including increased productivity, happy customers, and consistent brand experiences

Make the move online today to give your employees the mobile work experience they deserve and to bring your critical operational content into the forefront.