New Aragon Research report positions Inkling as a Leader in Learning

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We are thrilled to share some good news: Aragon Research designated Inkling a 2019 Hot Vendor in Learning. We are honored to be included on their short-list of vendors whose cutting-edge products and technologies are making a real difference in the learning market.

Released in mid-May, the new report explains that today’s focus on business outcomes has created a shift in learning. Smart organizations are enabling the employee learning journey by providing interactive content on modern tools.

In fact, Aragon Research predicts that modern learning will become an enterprise requirement by the end of this year. To create a continuous learning environment for employees, they recommend the following learning components:

  • Just-in-time learning, or microlearning, delivered on mobile for on-the-go capabilities
  • Interactive content, with emphasis on video learning for its delivery of how-to information with replay accessibility
  • Easy content development and delivery to keep pace with learning content needs
  • Social learning that enables employees to share ideas and forge connections
  • Predictive analytics that ties content usage to business outcomes and ROI

Inkling Designated a Leader in Learning

“What makes Inkling hot is its full HTML interactive content that can be used on phones, tablets, and PCs,” the report explains. “Inkling creates interactive learning content that includes text, audio, and video, that is ideal for operations teams such as sales, service, and other customer-facing teams.”

Learn more about why Aragon Research selected Inkling as a leader in learning and get insight into today’s modern learning trends by downloading a complimentary copy of the report.

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