How Jack in the Box Employee Training Stays On Brand

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When Jack in the Box decided to modernize employee training for the company’s 60,000 employees located in 2,200 quick-service restaurants across the U.S., the L&D team had no idea that two weeks later a global pandemic would soon hit the nation.

However, the team was confident in their choice to go with Inkling to brand Jack in the Box employee training to make frontline workers feel part of company culture and reduce employee turnover. Not only that, but the flexibility of Inkling became paramount for the company to respond to new safety procedures to keep both employees and customers safe, and to keep the business running.

Transforming New Hires’ Experience: Engaging and Aligned

At Jack in the Box, where 94% of the locations are franchised-owned, the training team is determined to enhance the onboarding process for new employees. Currently, onboarding lacks consistency across different franchises and fails to reflect the lively and playful brand image of Jack in the Box.

To add to the complexity, the company introduces at least six new menu items each year, equating to two to four new products every two months. Rapid training on these items is essential to serve customers effectively, but the existing training process is time-consuming and intricate.

Upon hearing about Inkling, a solution that has proven successful in other job roles within the company, the director of the training team decided it was worth exploring. The primary objectives of adopting Inkling were to empower employees to take charge of their training, enabling managers to devote more time to customers. Additionally, the team aimed to simplify the training process for learners and course authors, while also expediting new employee proficiency and enhancing the skillset of existing employees with new menu items. The team knew that adopting Inkling would revolutionize training, turning it from a mundane chore to an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Collaborating on Fresh, Branded Training Content

The Jack in the Box training team worked with Inkling to create templates that would infuse training content with the hip branding the company is known for. The team even worked with the company’s advertising agency to leverage branding for training videos and ended up calling the new system Jenius using the ever-present “J” and a tagline that emphasizes the cheeky tone of the brand, “Pretty Jenius, if you ask us.” 

During implementation, the training team even did a little house cleaning by refreshing older content and throwing out anything that was out of date so everything would appear new and exciting with the launch. Another tactic during implementation that was key to success was putting together an early user group that was hand-picked by the best trainers in the field. The director of the training team says this was a great way to get real-world feedback before flipping the switch to all locations. 

At first, the team thought decentralizing content creation and brand consistency was an oxymoron scenario but seeing Inkling’s ability to brand templates while enabling collaborative content authoring in action left any doubts in the dust. 

Templates are branded and authors only need to input training content. And because the system allows multiple authors to make notes, suggest edits, and give feedback on the same document, there are no more version control headaches. Authors can use video, flip cards, interactive photos, infographics, checklists, and a whole host of media to encourage that fun brand experience during training. Now Jack in the Box employee training content is fresh and interactive, meaning no more death by PowerPoint.

Giving Employees  Knowledge (and Confidence) to Meet Challenges Head On

Empower your workforce to face challenges head-on and deliver exceptional results. Learn from the success story of Jack in the Box, a company that thrived during challenging times by providing knowledge and confidence to its employees. Discover how Inkling’s digital, on-brand employee training solution enabled Jack in the Box to navigate the uncertainties of a pandemic seamlessly.

Witness the impact firsthand:

  • Reduced training costs
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Rapid delivery of training to 60,000 employees in hours, not weeks
  • Streamlined product launches for increased efficiency
  • Improved learner adoption for lasting impact

But it doesn’t stop there. Jack in the Box’s training team continues to innovate with the Jenius Leadership Network, fostering continuous improvement through weekly discussions among field trainers. Additionally, Jenius Support is in place, providing a valuable resource for managers and employees seeking assistance.

Join the league of forward-thinking organizations transforming their workforce with knowledge, confidence, and on-brand training experiences. For a deeper dive into Jack in the Box’s success, check out our in-depth case study.