FEATURED STORY Why settle for 20% learning retention? Modern experiences drive active learning.

By Chris Tratar on December 4, 2019

Modern learning makes employees feel like learning is a natural part of the work day. Think of it as continuous learning made simple. Read More

Software and Publishing: Better Together

By Matt MacInnis on November 30, 2010

As a software company, we're building the world's best platform for mobile learning content, and we look to our partners to bring their world class content to Inkling.  They're experts in developing pedagogically valuable content; we ...

How Inkling Is Rethinking the Future of Digital Books

By Joshua Forman on November 16, 2010

The iPad Software Development Kit, which gave developers the tools to build software for the iPad, was released less than ten months ago. Since then, we've worked diligently to build our vision for the structure ...

Platformative Enlightenment: Inkling’s Learning Content

By Matt MacInnis on November 2, 2010

We're building Inkling not only for textbooks, but for all kinds of learning content. Why learning content in particular? We think it's the most complex, the most valuable, and the most interesting content to work ...

Building the Inkling Platform From the Ground Up

By Peter Cho on October 4, 2010

Students who use Inkling love Inkling. And that's by design. But there's more to Inkling than good looks and nifty features. We've built the platform from the ground up to be pedagogically sound, supporting our ...

The Death of Textbooks, the Dawn of Learning

By Matt MacInnis on September 23, 2010

Every learner has unique potential, whether as a musician, a scientist, a salesperson or a philosopher. And when we engage each person as an individual, there's hope that every person can fulfill that unique potential. ...