Bulletins and Alerts

Share important information and updates with the front-line.

When headquarters creates targeted instructions and notices, business leaders need everyone in the organization to be informed.

With Inkling, real-time notices are distributed directly to mobile devices in the field and include tracking data about the awareness and consumption of the content. Workers who share devices log in at the start of their shift and see only those notices that are pertinent to them.

For frontline workers who don’t have corporate email accounts, alerts deliver important news from headquarters and help them stay informed and connected with important brand knowledge. And when employees are in the loop and see how their work connects to the broader mission, they are more engaged and deliver better customer interactions.

Collaborative Authoring

Guaranteed Delivery

  • Send notices by role, region, or other grouping
  • Time-bound and scheduled notices
  • Alerts persist until dismissed

Single Source of Information

  • Feed of what’s important, targeted to each user account
  • One place to go for all the information needed
  • Mobile-friendly HTML content

See Inkling in action.