Reinventing the Printing Press With Inkling Habitat

When we set out to reinvent the book over two years ago, we didn’t know that we’d need to reinvent the printing press, too.

Today, at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York, I was proud to introduce Inkling Habitat, the world’s first scalable publishing environment for building interactive content. I also previewed Inkling for Web, which will make all of Inkling’s great interactive content available in any web browser.

Inkling Habitat gives professional publishers everything they need to create and publish media-rich interactive content for both iPad and the Web, cross platform and at scale.

It harkens back to the 1980s and the desktop publishing revolution when software like Aldus PageMaker empowered people to create content with computers.

Now, as the opportunities presented by digital devices grow ever more exciting, it’s time to leave the printing press, and everything designed around it, behind. Instead, the Inkling platform enables a first-class interactive experience for every digital device publishers want to reach. With Inkling Habitat, publishers big and small can deploy standards-based content that includes guided tours, 3D objects, interactive quizzes, and high definition video, in addition to impeccable text content.

When we launched Inkling in 2010, we set the bar for interactive content on iPad. Now we’re setting the bar for how it’s built across platforms, providing the entire industry with a means to scale interactive publishing into a viable business for the first time. We’re excited about what we’ve done thus far, but it’s only the beginning.

To learn more about Inkling Habitat and register for our Early Adopter Program, check out inklingsf.wpengine.com/habitat.