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Inkling for Everyone

Since starting Inkling, we’ve believed in the power of software to engage people in learning in ways never before possible. Spin 3D graphics, zoom in on a gorgeous shot of a medieval castle, track your progress on a quiz–and do it all with the device that suits you. Enabling delightful reading experiences with any device has always been a key part of our vision.

Now, a big part of this vision is coming to life. With the launch of Inkling for Web, anyone can use, read, and explore Inkling content from any modern web browser. Our new HTML5-based web client brings all of the interactive features from our iPad app to your computer. And just as we did for iPad, we’ve completely re-imagined the experience of reading books, this time for the web. With a wide viewing window, easily shared snippets of Inkling content, a redesigned assessment experience, and high resolution imagery for even better zooming, it’s a big step forward for digital publishing.

Beginning today, all current titles and chapters you already own on Inkling are available to you on the web. And everything syncs among devices, so notes you make on the web show up on your iPad.

Under the hood, Inkling for Web represents a big leap forward for publishing technology, fulfilling the cross-platform promise of Inkling Habitat, the content development environment we introduced in February. Within Habitat, publishers can now simultaneously build content for both iPad and the web, and publish it with a single click.

Inkling for Web is a big win for readers and publishers alike. Curious to try it yourself? Grab a couple of free chapters from our store, and start exploring Inkling for Web in just a few clicks.

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