How Organizations Have Published In Inkling Habitat

When we launched Inkling Habitat in February, our goal was to enable anyone to collaboratively build beautiful, well-structured digital content.

Although it takes a lot of time and energy to organize, build, and publish professional content, we’re thrilled that our first three partners have independently built and published their first titles. What’s particularly interesting is that all three took a different path, highlighting the flexibility of how organizations can build professional-grade content with Habitat.

The first publisher, Yo Productions, worked with Inflextion, a publishing company that specializes in interactive digital books, to produce the Yoga Resource Practice Manual. Users can navigate through hundreds of yoga poses by name in Inkling with Outline View, or, if they’re visual learners, using the title’s impressive photographic indexes. Each yoga pose links to detailed instructions with safety tips, as well as audio pronunciations of the pose names in Sanskrit. Top it all off with the title’s well-produced videos, and Yo Productions and Inflextion have produced the kind of quality, interactive content that proves the value of Habitat. Namaste!

Read Yoga Resource Practice Manual here »

The second publisher worked with Innodata, one of Inkling’s Preferred Service Providers, to build their title on Habitat. Holcomb Hathaway‘s Teaching Language Arts uses multimedia resources to prepare classroom teachers for a future where technology plays a critical role in learning. With videos, audio podcasts, thought-provoking interactive questions, and tons of links to additional online resources, this title both talks the talk and walks the walk on using technology in education.

Read Teaching Language Arts here »

The third is an interesting collaboration between WeFarm America and Helix River Media. Their title, Grow: Seed Starting Outdoors, is a brief and informative handbook on urban agriculture. Packed with charts on recommended square footage and videos on how to prep your soil, this title is offered for free in the Inkling Store. We hope that this pair of publishers will cultivate many more titles on urban agriculture and sustainability using Habitat.

Read Grow: Seed Starting Outdoors here »

For the first time, publishers and authors can collaborate around a powerful tool to develop beautiful, interactive digital content. As the creators of our first three titles have shown us, digital books are produced through collaboration–a partnership between two publishers or a third-party production team–which Habitat makes possible through centralized communication in the cloud.

As with all content built using Inkling Habitat, these publishers are also able to take their content anywhere, including channels like Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iBooks by building the finished product to EPUB.

We congratulate our partners on their early success. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg. We’re excited to see so much activity inside Inkling Habitat, and are looking forward to sharing more and more of the wonderful content that authors and publishers are building for the platform.

  • Milan Lee, Interactive Designer
  • Jennifer Skene, Content Architect