Why You Need Mobile Learning In The Workplace

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Earlier this year, Facebook purchased messaging app WhatsApp for $19B, placing a huge bet on mobile technology. It was yet another indication that mobile had sealed its place as the world’s go-to way to connect to the web. Not only that, but mobile devices are quickly becoming many people’s only source for Internet access. As evident almost anywhere you go in public—buses, airports, shopping malls—people are glued to their mobile devices.

Putting Mobile Devices to Work

Now, mobile devices have invaded the workplace—not as a distraction from work, but as a learning tool. Mobile learning, sometimes referred to as mLearning, enables employees to receive and engage with real-time information right in the palm of their hands. Distribution via mobile has already proved useful for employee training: now, onsite employees can be flexible in their study environment and learning pace, while remote workers have a handy reference tool.

Training Content vs. Mobile Devices

Even though many companies have adapted to the mobile trend, however, their training materials might not have. Mobile learning requires content that works on websites with responsive design, which enables seamless reading experiences across devices; without responsive design, all of that content will look broken on most tablets and smartphones. As companies push out their corporate learning to a variety of devices, they must make sure that their publishing platform supports these devices.

Despite the technical considerations, mobile learning has a huge role in employee—and company—success. The following infographic by 9Slides illustrates just how important it is for companies to update their current learning and development programs for mobile. Most notably, the infographic shows that mobile learning saves time, cuts costs and increases employee satisfaction. At least in this case, we’re certain that the mobile trend is worth the hype.


For more information on building your own employee learning experience for mobile devices, please visit Inking’s solutions page.