Introducing Inkling Latitude

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Our team at Inkling is constantly focused on extending the capabilities of our platform, which is why we developed Inkling Latitude, our lightweight software development kit (SDK). It fuels innovative reading experiences, offers customizable UI features, and is optimized for both web and mobile.  In short, it’s the easiest way for developers to integrate the features of Inkling’s award-winning reading experience into their existing web and mobile products.

Since launching the alpha SDK earlier this year, we’ve worked hard to refine and enhance the capabilities of Inkling Latitude–it’s more powerful than ever, giving your teams the freedom to focus on building a truly differentiated product experience. Currently available for web and iOS (Android is coming soon), Inkling Latitude features:

Easy Prototyping

Within minutes, developers can push content through a basic prototype, and access tools and sample code that work locally almost instantly. Using the building blocks of Inkling Latitude, teams can focus their time and attention on further perfecting the product experience.

Interactive Customization

Creative possibilities are near endless with our SDK. Technical users can grab content and the structural components of their project piece-by-piece using our APIs, and then assemble custom reading experiences that feel completely native and integrated into existing web or mobile products. You can even implement offline reading within native apps. The list goes on–pick your favorite Inkling features, and customize them to suit your product needs.

Scalability, Security, and Extensibility  

Inkling Latitude comes with all of the under-the-hood features that define the our reading experience, including:

  • Content coded as future-proofed HTML5
  • Powerful, device-optimized media-streaming
  • Robust security measures and intellectual property protection

We’re thrilled to share Inkling Latitude with you, and are excited to see the types of differentiated experiences your teams will create with our SDK.

To read more about features, documentation, and how to request access, check out our developer portal, or contact us today for a free demo of the Inkling platform.