Top 5 Myths About mLearning

When broaching the subject of mLearning, our customers big and small are often quick to point out their concerns:  “mLearning seems too hard to deploy,” “It’s costly, isn’t it?“, “It’ll require a technology overhaul, won’t it?” until, finally, “mLearning—why even bother?

Even though mobile usage has skyrocketed over the past couple years, the notion of mLearning sits underneath a cloud of confusion. These perceptions around mLearning, ranging from intimidation to dismay, are expected, but certainly unwarranted. With the right mLearning solution, transitioning from traditional learning to a more blended approach should be relatively painless and, more importantly, an exciting opportunity to further engage with your employees.

To get you on your way to an mLearning program faster, we’ve exposed and debunked the most commonly heard mLearning myths. And once you’re equipped with the right information, in my next post, I’ll show you that you have almost everything you need to implement an mLearning program today.


Myth #1: mLearning is just eLearning on mobile devices.

The reality: In the past, mLearning was purely “accidental”—employees would unknowingly access eLearning content via mobile devices and have a less than ideal experience. Today, mLearning refers to content that has been specifically tailored for the mobile experience, leveraging the appropriate context to convey specific types of information. Not only can employees learn on the go (versus in a classroom), but they can enjoy in-context learning experiences.

Myth #2: “mLearning” is a less ideal eLearning replacement.

The reality: There’s a time and place for every type of learning, and it’s no different for mLearning. Our customers that have successfully implemented mLearning have made it a part of a larger blended learning program, which includes everything from classroom interaction to mobile self-study. Content that’s easily consumable on the go, broken down into chunks, and is not too text-heavy tends to be ideal for mLearning, while longer-form content works well in a desktop setting.

Myth #3: mLearning isn’t business critical—it’s a buzzword.

The reality: We’re seeing this shift toward mobile reinforced every day—over 50% of workers are bringing their own devices to work. What’s more, this same workforce is increasingly tech-savvy and millennial, which has led to a distinct rise in bite-sized, on-the-go learning preferences. Data this significant point to a need to invest in mobile before companies are left unprepared and outnumbered by mobile preferences. The bottom line: mobile and mLearning are no longer novelties. Instead, they’re real, tangible business drivers.

Myth #4: Adopting an mLearning solution means that my LMS will be useless.

The reality: There’s no mistaking the importance of an LMS for learning organizations. The best mLearning solutions recognize this as well, and integrate seamlessly with a customer’s LMS. And because mLearning is just one part of your learning curriculum, it becomes critically important to have one centralized place to house your learner data. In that sense, mLearning is the perfect complement to any LMS.

Myth #5: mLearning isn’t secure.

The reality: Mobile security is a very real and valid concern, but the leading mLearning platforms build extra security measures into its tools. With Inkling, for example, information is kept safe and secure from illegal sharing, copywriting, and distribution through secure log-in. What’s more, when employees leave your company, their access to content can be easily managed through Inkling’s depermissioning tools.

Myth #6: mLearning requires custom app development.

The reality: mLearning requires a) mobile devices and b) content optimized for mobile devices. Custom apps, while nice, aren’t at all critical to deploying mobile content. For example, through Inkling’s platform, mobile content is seamlessly deployed to any device (iOs or Android) through an off-the-shelf mobile app provided by Inkling and branded to your liking.

The bottom line:

Mobile learning is an important component of any L&D program, and guess what? It’s not nearly as scary, difficult, or time-consuming as it’s sometimes perceived. All you need is the commitment to make mobile a priority, and the right resources to get you on your way.

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