On February 11th, Join our Webinar About Mobile Performance Support!

In both senses of the word, today’s workforce is increasingly mobile—more and more employees are working remotely and use mobile devices to work on the go. In order to provide them with the real-time, on-hand support that they need, many companies have turned to mobile performance support.

With the power of performance support, sales reps use the most up-to-date product specs in an important meeting, for example, while field mechanics can reference the right machine parts on site. Even those back at the office can pull out their phones for quick assistance. It’s the easiest way to empower your employees and put them back in charge of their own success.

Unlocking the Potential of Performance Support

Our upcoming webinar with the Association for Talent Development (ATD), called Unlocking the Potential of Performance Support with Mobile Technologies in 2015, will help jump start your own performance support program. We’ve partnered with Covidien’s Senior Manager of Curriculum Development, Allyson Bradford, to show you how performance support has been put into practice at one of the largest medical supplies manufacturers. Specifically, this webinar will help you:

  • Understand what performance support means in an increasingly mobile world.
  • Determine when and where mobile performance support makes sense for you.
  • Learn how organizations across industries are putting mobile performance support into practice.
  • Choose tools that will help you build, distribute, and measure the effectiveness of performance support content for mobile.

For more information, and to sign-up for the webinar, please visit ATD’s sign-up page. During the webinar, weigh in with your comments and questions on Twitter with #ATDperformance. We’ll be tweeting live updates during the event and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!