How to Better Communicate With Reps in 10 Statistics & GIFs

Ask any sales leader and they’ll agree, communication is important. Whether it’s for seasoned field reps that need the latest information, or new reps that need all of the information you can give them, keeping a salesforce in the loop is a top priority.

The recent rise in sales enablement backs that up—in the past two years alone, SiriusDecisions found that sales enablement spend had jumped by an astonishing 69%.

Today, we’re communicating in more ways than ever before, but with new technology also comes new challenges for effective communication. Laid out in ten statistics, we’ve painted a GIF-tastic picture of one of those challenges, and how to solve it:

Mobile devices have taken over.


1. There are officially more mobile devices in the world than people. [Source]

2. By 2020, 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet. [Source]

Which means your sales reps are more connected than ever before.


3. 72% of smartphone users say there are within five feet of their device the majority of the time. [Source]

4. The average smartphone user checks their phone 221 times per day. [Source]

5. 47% of U.S. consumers said they wouldn’t last a day without their smartphone. [Source]

But being connected 24/7 means your reps are exposed to a lot of information.


6. As compared to 1986, Americans took in five times as much information in 2011. [Source]

7. The average employee checks their email 36 times per hour. [Source]

Which has created little patience for actually finding information.


8. Our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. [Source]

9. 40% would like a wearable device to communicate through thoughts. [Source]

So, what does all this mean?


Better communication with your reps doesn’t mean giving them more information…


10. 60-70% of marketing content is not used by sales. [Source]

…it means getting them the right information, faster.

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